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Christianity 500m
Director's Notes: This drama has an Olympics theme and focuses on how we can't judge others by what we perceive with our own eyes. This includes people we know (a person at church for example) or ones we don't but have ....more
Dave Marsh 2024-03-12 Drama
I Got Me No Job
Director's Notes: This is the closing drama for a stewardship series. The following sketches (I got me a job, I got me some bills and I got me no time) precede this drama. If you've read a lot of my stuff, you know that....more
Dave Marsh 2024-02-06 Drama
I Got Me Some Bills
Director's Notes: We've all heard that Jesus talks more about money than any other single subject. Why? Because if there's anything that we keep our hands clenched around it's money. If we can trust God with our kids an....more
Dave Marsh 2024-02-01 Drama
Born again and again...
A drama about salvation.....more
Dave Marsh 2024-01-29 Drama
I Got Me a Job
Director's Notes: This is the setup drama for a stewardship series. The following sketches (I got me some bills, I got me no time, and I got me no job) will show that we need to make sure that we give God charge of our ....more
Dave Marsh 2024-01-15 Drama
A drama about God pursuing the lost....more
Dave Marsh 2023-12-14 Drama
Dear Mr. Johnson
A drama about putting off the old self and putting on the new....more
Dave Marsh 2023-12-05 Drama
I Got Me No Time
Director's Notes: Let's face it - we're too busy. Steven Curtis Chapman sings a song about the "busyman." The Bible says that a man dies and leaves behind all his busy activities. Sometimes when I write a drama, God use....more
Dave Marsh 2023-11-21 Drama
The Box
A drama about using your talents for God....more
Dave Marsh 2023-10-31 Drama
A Man, A Woman and the Test of Doom
A drama about marriage....more
Dave Marsh 2023-09-18 Drama
The Question
A drama about Evangelism....more
Dave Marsh 2023-08-31 Drama
Yeah, Merry Christmas
A drama about the meaning of Christmas....more
Dave Marsh 2023-08-08 Drama
The Tent
Director's Notes: This drama focuses on how many times we just want to be in our own comfort zone and not face that fact that God has expectations of us as Christians. Life is full of land mines and God knows exactly wh....more
Dave Marsh 2023-06-14 Drama
The Fishing Hole
A drama about Priorities- Father's Day....more
Dave Marsh 2023-05-09 Drama
The List
A drama about Prayer.....more
Dave Marsh 2023-04-27 Drama
A drama about anger, sin, and speech....more
Dave Marsh 2023-03-28 Drama
Next 5
Director's Notes: Our pastor did a message from 1 Corinthians 13 that said we can have all the faith and gifts in the world but if we don't have love for one another, then we are nothing. It was aimed at how we love eac....more
Dave Marsh 2023-03-16 Drama
The 7th Day
A drama about Priorities....more
Dave Marsh 2023-03-06 Drama
The Remote
A drama about obeying your parents....more
Dave Marsh 2022-06-22 Drama
Dave Marsh
Dave Marsh 2012-03-28 Drama
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