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Expect The Unexpected
A drama about trusting God with the unexpected....more
Dave Marsh 2011-06-24 Drama
Is That Your Final Answer?
A drama about accepting Christ.....more
Dave Marsh 2011-11-09 Drama
I Got Me No Time
Director's Notes: Let's face it - we're too busy. Steven Curtis Chapman sings a song about the "busyman." The Bible says that a man dies and leaves behind all his busy activities. Sometimes when I write a drama, God use....more
Dave Marsh 2021-09-22 Drama
A drama about back sliding - Also Easter.....more
Dave Marsh 2011-04-19 Drama
Father Knows Best?
A drama about the Beatitudes and wisdom.....more
Dave Marsh 2011-02-21 Drama
Born again and again...
A drama about salvation.....more
Dave Marsh 2021-11-30 Drama
The Greatest Show on Earth
A drama about Priority, Christmas, Friendship with God.....more
Dave Marsh 2010-12-20 Drama
The Attic
A drama about Prayer.....more
Dave Marsh 2011-07-14 Drama
It's a God Thing
A drama about Christian adventure.....more
Dave Marsh 2011-06-21 Drama
The Johnson Account
A drama about the Holy Spirit.....more
Dave Marsh 2011-06-30 Drama
Armor of What?
A drama about putting on the armor of God.....more
Dave Marsh 2011-06-15 Drama
The List
A drama about Prayer.....more
Dave Marsh 2021-03-08 Drama
What's the Difference?
A drama about small groups.....more
Dave Marsh 2011-06-08 Drama
Yes or No?
A drama about integrity.....more
Dave Marsh 2011-06-04 Drama
What's Not To Love?
A drama about humility....more
Dave Marsh 2011-10-24 Drama
Wisdom Sold Seperately
A drama about seeking and finding wisdom....more
Dave Marsh 2012-03-20 Drama
If You Build It...
A drama about building God's house - our lives....more
Dave Marsh 2010-11-29 Drama
Dear Mr. Johnson
A drama about putting off the old self and putting on the new....more
Dave Marsh 2021-10-06 Drama
The Box
A drama about using your talents for God....more
Dave Marsh 2021-09-01 Drama
A Man, A Woman and the Test of Doom
A drama about marriage....more
Dave Marsh 2021-07-26 Drama
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