I Got Me No Job

By Dave Marsh
February 06, 2024

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A Drama About Stewardship

Director's Notes:
This is the closing drama for a stewardship series. The following sketches (I got me a job, I got me some bills and I got me no time) precede this drama. If you've read a lot of my stuff, you know that I don't get very preachy but this ending seemed to wrap things up nicely without getting to schmarmy :)

Dave: An average man
Teri: Dave's wife
Lucas: Their son
Isabelle: Their daughter

A chair
CD of cool music (I used the Superman theme. You can grab it HERE. Right-click on it and select "Save Target As...")


(Lights up. Dave and Teri are sitting on the couch. Dave is in his pajamas, remote in hand. Teri is reading)

Dave: Look at that guy building that bookshelf. He sure looks like heís good at it. I wish I could build a bookshelf.

Teri: Ö
Dave: Look at that guy asking people for money. I bet he gets it. I wish I was a good motivational speaker.

Teri: Ö

Dave: Look at those people eating potato chips. Theyíre having a big party. Look how happy they are. Why are they so happy eating potato chips?

Teri: Theyíre actors.

Dave: I wish I could act.

Teri: (grabs remote) Okay Dave! Enough T.V. already. Youíve been doing nothing but sitting here all day and surfing channels for the last month. I canít stand it anymore!

Dave: (sits in silence a long time and then starts singing) I lost me my job. Got fired by Bob. I got me no joooob, got no joooobÖ

Teri: (stands up) Argh! DaveÖ Honey, please! Anything but that song! (heavy sigh and sits next to him) Look, I understand, you lost your job but you have to snap out of it. It wasnít your fault.

Dave: (feeling sorry for himself) Sure it was. I have no talent.

Teri: Oh thatís just ridiculous. Of course you have talent. You can do lots of stuff!

Dave: Name one.

Dave: (counting on fingers) You know how to create web pages. You can whip out spreadsheets. You can art direct a group of artists. You can build 4 color sell sheets. You canÖ run new wiring in our house.

Dave: I said name one. Thatís five.

Teri: (glares at him)

Dave: Look, I know. Itís just that I really thought I had it made. We were making all this money and I ďsupposedlyĒ was only going to work a 40 hour work week and they told me I could use all the things I was good at. None of it worked out the way I thought. I squandered our money, I worked 7 days a week and I never got a chance to use my talents. Itís all my fault.

Teri: Well, maybe youíre right. Maybe it was all your fault.

Dave: Hey! Thanks a lot for being so supportive!!

Teri: Look honey, what I mean is, maybe your priorities were out of whack.

Dave: Not that stewardship thing again.

Teri: Yeah. Thatís exactly what Iím talking about and you know it. Look Dave, youíve known the Lord for a long time but maybe you just need to make things right with him. (looks at watch) Oooo, I gotta go pick the kids up from the bus stop. Iíll be right back.

Dave: (sits down) Make things right, eh. (bows head) Lord, Iíve kinda made a mess of things lately. Teriís right. I need to make things right with you. Forgive me for not giving you what you deserve. Help me to be faithful to you. Amen.

Dave: (start Superman music as Dave stands up on couch) Yes! Iím a new man! No longer just a guy sitting around in his pajamaís watching Days of Our Lives! Iím a new man! Iím going to find a new job where I can balance the time that God has given me with the things that matter the most Ė My family! And Iím going to use the money God has given me to serve Him better. Iím going to tithe and Iím going to pay off debt instead of incurring it! And Iím going to use my talents to benefit the Kingdom Ė not just in the marketplace!

Teri: (Teri and kids enter)

Dave: (stands up on couch) Yes! Yes! Iím a new man. Iím a 21st century man of God, using my time, treasure and talent to make a difference!!!!

Dave: What do you think of that, Honey?

Teri: Sounds great to me!

Dave: What do you think of that, Lucas?

Lucas: You go, Dad!

Dave: What do you think of that, Isabelle?

Isabelle: You need a shower!

Dave: (looks at audience - shrugs shoulders)



© 2004 Dave Marsh

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