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What's Not To Love
A drama about Humility....more
Dave Marsh 2010-12-29 Drama
The Greatest Show on Earth
A drama about Priority, Christmas, Friendship with God.....more
Dave Marsh 2010-12-20 Drama
The Business of Deception
A drama about how Satan undermines our lives and deceives us....more
Dave Marsh 2010-12-14 Drama
What Little Children!?
Director's Notes: Baby Day. When the church announces that this day is coming up, I shudder. They want a drama and it's supposed to be about little kids. Not my specialty. So, when the pastor told me his text was out of ....more
Dave Marsh 2010-12-10 Drama
The Diary of Horace Wimp
A drama about forgetting the past and past failures....more
Dave Marsh 2010-12-07 Drama
If You Build It...
A drama about building God's house - our lives....more
Dave Marsh 2010-11-29 Drama
Box O'Jesus
A drama about walking the walk....more
Dave Marsh 2010-11-24 Drama
82 Questions
A drama about dealing with anxiety....more
Dave Marsh 2010-11-10 Drama
God's Will?
Using God's name inappropriately....more
Dave Marsh 2010-11-05 Drama
The Super Highway To Heaven
A drama about Evangelism....more
Dave Marsh 2010-10-29 Drama
Drama - "Stage Right"
Free dramas for church worship services.....more
Dave Marsh 2001-07-10
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