Born again and again...

By Dave Marsh
January 29, 2024

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A drama about salvation.

Director's Notes: I've known a number of people who have become a Christian a dozen times. Well, they think they have. When someone comes to know Christ, it's††a joyous experience but following Christ is a long distance run (as I previously mentioned.) What happens when we 'lose that feeling' we had when we first became saved? When we are simply walking with Him through the highs and the lows? We need to be confident that God is working in us and He's not going anywhere :)

Katie: A woman seeking assurance.
John: Her husband.

2 chairs
† Remote
† Journal

The Family room
STAGE where John is watching TV.)

† Katie:†††††John? John?

† John:††††††Iím in here, honey.†

† Katie:††††John, youíll never believe what happened to me today!

† John: (deadpan) You stepped forward at an altar call.

† Katie:† I stepped forward at an altar call!

† John: (deadpan) Youíve become born again.

† Katie: Iíve become Born again!

† John: (deadpan) And youíve been filled with the Holy Spirit.

† Katie: Iím now filled with the Holy Spirit!

† John: (deadpan) Congratulations. (pulls out a book and writes in it)

† Katie:† What are you doing?

† John:††Iím writing down this momentous event in this book here.

† Katie: Cool! Thatís so thoughtful of you!

† John:† No problem. Iíll just chronicle this under SAVED along with the other entries.

† Katie:† What other entries?

† John:††† You know, the other 10 times youíve become Born Again in the past year.

† Katie:† Oh but this one was different!

† John: Different huh?

† Katie: Yeah. Iím sure I wasnít saved before. Those times werenít nearly as emotional. I mean, this one was Special!

† John: (writes) Special. Okay, the last one you said was Wonderful.

† Katie: Uh huh.

† John: And before that we had Splendorous, Majestic, Magnificent, Breath-taking, Amazing, Brilliant, and Glorious.

† Katie: Really?

† John: Katie, as your devoted husband, can I share a bit of insight with you?

† Katie: Sure. Just donít wreck the mood.

† John:† Thatís exactly what Iím talking about. Itís not based on emotion. Katie, once you realize the Father has chosen you to be His, and once you trust in Jesus because His sacrifice, then the Holy Spirit lives inside you and you are His. At that moment youíre saved. You donít need to keep doing it again and again just because youíve lost the salvation high. You need to be confident in your adoption by God.

† Katie: Hmmm. Iím not sure that thatís Biblical.

† John: Okay. Letís find out. (opens the Bible and reads a verse) ďFor you have been chosen by God to inherit His plan of salvation. This is a gift of grace, not of anything you can do on your own. He is calling you to come forward, over and over, to assure your spirit that He is living inside you. And if the feeling of His gift leaves you, even for a moment, enter His gates again and He will save you once more!Ē

† Katie:†††††Yeah! See? Exactly!

† John:††I made that verse up.

† Katie:† Oh.

† John: Let me read you the real thing:† "And because of what Christ did, all you others too, who heard the Good news about how to be saved, and trusted Christ, were marked as belonging to Christ by the Holy Spirit, who long ago had been promised to all of us Christians. His presence within us is God's guarantee that he really will give us all that He promised; and the Spirit's seal upon us means that God has already purchased us and that He guarantees to bring us to Himself. This is just
one more reason for us to praise our glorious God. Ephesians 1: 13-14"

† Katie: Hmmm. Now that sounds special.

† John: Yep. Even Majestic.

† Katie: Yeah.

† John: Or Glorious. (teasing)

† Katie: I get the point.

† John: (Smiles)



† (c) 1999 Dave Marsh

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