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Advertising with EXW (and allows your organization a very cost-efficient means to reach a targeted audience of potential buyers in a variety of industries because so many people worship. EXW is a leader in worship related information and therefore reaches the most active purchasers online. We offer access to this highly desirable audience through ads on, and others. Some benefits of advertising with EXW include:

Advertising in a Quality Environment
EXW combines quality content, meaningful discussions, a large CD database, and a friendly design. Our users have come to expect nothing less from us and we deliver.

Reaching a Worship Music Audience
EXW attracts a wide range of worship music interested people from pastors, music leaders, and lay people interested in worship. A large portion of our users are in ministry positions and rely on EXW for worship and other church related information. All banners posted here appear on on,,, and others.

Association with the EXW Brand
Our users feel strongly about EXW. In fact, in a recent survey a whopping 72% of respondents considered EXW to be the best worship related site, while another 24% rated us second best. EXW visitors are loyal to EXW and you can benefit by having your advertising messages appear within an environment with such strong bonds to its users.

Flexible Advertising Programs
We have run of site banner opportunities as well as other custom opportunities. If you require other special needs, ask us and we'll be glad to discuss other possibilities.

Purchase Incentive Program
We have a system which allows you to receive FREE impressions. We will rotate you banner for 1 month, or until your purchased impressions run out, which ever is longer. Based on the number of impressions you purchase your advertisement will be assigned a multiplier numer by our advertising rotation software. For example, if you purchased 10,000 impressions, your ad would be assigned a multiplier of 1. If you purchase 20,000 impressions your banner would receive a multiplier of 2. With a multiplier number of 2, your banner would be displayed twice as much during the advertising period as an banner with a multiplier of only 1. That means the more impressions you buy, the more FREE impressions you get!

Thank you again for your interest in advertising with EXW. To get started, please fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you with more information. Please be sure to fill out the form completely as we respond to serious inquiries only. We look forward to a successful marketing program with your organization.

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