The Tent

By Dave Marsh
June 14, 2023

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A drama about trusting God

Director's Notes:
This drama focuses on how many times we just want to be in our own comfort zone and not face that fact that God has expectations of us as Christians. Life is full of land mines and God knows exactly where they are. He wants us to listen to Him and trust Him so that his instructions will guide us past them.

The drama is, admittedly, light. I just wanted to write something funny and to introduce the subject matter before the pastor got up to speak.

Tom: A man who doesn't trust God enough
Beth: Tom's wife

A small tent
The ability to play audio from the movie "Elf" (a portable DVD player in the tent works well here)
A bible
Bike Lock (or something that sounds like a lock opening)
Cell phone

The family room

(LIGHTS UP CENTER STAGE where Tom is inside the tent (zipped close) watching "Elf".)

Tom: (we hear Tom) Ha. Ha. Ha. That's great!

Beth: (walks in taking off her coat) Tom? Tom, I'm home. Where are y... (notices tent). Tom? Are you in there?

Tom: Oh, hi Honey. Yeah. (still laughing at movie)

Beth: What in the world are you doing in a tent?

Tom: Watching "Elf".

Beth: Tom, it's way past Christmas and... (shakes her head)... wait a minute, why in the world are you watching movies in a tent?

Tom: It's far more comfortable.

Beth: Uh, I think the couch is infinitely more comfortable than a tent.

Tom: No, I mean, it's more comfortable. You know, a lot safer.

Beth: Safer?

Tom: Yeah. It's a scary world out there and I decided that it would be a lot more safe if I just stayed in this tent.

Beth: You are so weird, Tom (starts looking through some mail she brought in and then lifts her head realizing something) Tom, aren't you supposed to be at work?

Tom: I quit my job.

Beth: You what???

Tom: Yeah, I quit

Beth: Why in the world would you do that?

Tom: They had all these expectations of me. It just didn't make me feel comfortable.

Beth: Thomas Jones, I have some expectations of you myself, I expect you to act like a normal human being.

Tom: See? You have these expectations too! How can I live up to it all? I mean, you need to do this, not do that, it's just too much. Even God has all these expectations of me.

Beth: God?

Tom: Yeah, hold on. (We hear a bunch of lock sounds and finally the zipper opens just enough for Tom to hand a bible out. Beth takes it and opens it)

Beth: So?

Tom: So??? I've been reading it and God expects all this stuff from me. I mean, how can I handle it all? It's just... (his cell phone rings) Hold on. Hello? Whassssuuuuppp? Yeah. No, that would be great, come on over. What? Yeah, I still have it up but now I have cable hooked into it. I'm sure you can fit. Okay, sounds good. What? Yeah, ok. I'll call now. Cya. (hangs up)

Beth: Was that John?

Tom: Yeah, hold on one sec. (calling on his phone) Hi, I'd like to order 2 large sausage pizzas. Yep. 120 Main Street. Right. Okay. Oh, wait. If my wife doesn't answer the door, go ahead and come on in. There will be a tent in the middle of the living room with the money there. Just leave the pizza by the entrance of the tent. Yep, thanks!

Beth: (She has endured enough of this and left when she heard him say that there was a tent in the middle of the living room.)

Tom: Ok. Cool. Now like I was saying. Beth? Beth are you there? Oh well. (starts watching "Elf" again) That Will Ferrell cracks me up. Ha ha....



© 2005 Dave Marsh

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