I Got Me a Job

By Dave Marsh
January 15, 2024

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A drama about Stewardship

Director's Notes:
This is the setup drama for a stewardship series. The following sketches (I got me some bills, I got me no time, and I got me no job) will show that we need to make sure that we give God charge of our time, treasures and talents.

Dave: An average man
Teri: Dave's wife
Lucas: Their son
Isabelle: Their daughter

A chair
CD of happy music (I used the "Peanuts" theme - Lucy and Linus)



Dave: Teri! Teri! Where are you!

Teri: (offstage) Iím upstairs!

Dave: Well come on down here! Hurry!

Teri: (offstage) Okay okay hold on!

Dave: Hurry up!

Teri: (comes in) Okay, okay. Iím here. Whatís so important?

Dave: Youíll never believe what happened to me today!

Teri: What? Tell me!

Dave: (Starts Singing:)

Dave: I got me a job.

Teri: A job? A job!

Dave: Iím working for Bob.

Teri: For Bob! Whoís Bob?

Dave: Some marketing snob!

Teri: Oh Bob! That Bob.

Dave: He gave me a job!

Teri: A job! Good job!

Dave: I got me a job! Itís a job! Iím no longer an unemployed slob!

Teri: Honey! Thatís Great! When do you start?

Dave: Immediately! He told me that I can start on Monday!

Teri: Great! Soooo, how much will you be making?

Dave: Hold your horses! You are looking at the new assistant, assistant market director, makingÖ. $55,000 a year!

Teri: $55,000?!?! Youíre kidding?

Dave: Nope! Weíre rich! Rich I tell you. 55 grand and itís all mine!

Teri: Ours you mean.

Dave: Thatís what I meant! Weíre rolling in the dough and itís all ours! We can buy whatever we want now! We can get that new big screen TV!

Teri: An a new washer! And a snow blower and some new clothes for the kids andÖ

Dave: And anything you want!

Teri: AndÖ wait a minute. I just thought of something. How many hours do you have to work to make that kind of money? Are we ever going to see you?

Dave: Oh sure. I asked Bob about that. He said Iíll be working the standard hours. I assume thatís just 9 to 5. I canít imagine any more than that.

Teri: Oh. Ok. Well, what exactly are you going to be doing?

Dave: Well, Iím not really sure. I mean, Iím a man of many talents so I assume that heís going to be calling on my skills in marketing, page layout, customer retention, artwork, webpage design, you know.

Teri: Well,Ö That sounds great! Iím soooo excited for you!

Dave: I know! Isnít it great! (kids come in)

Lucas: Hey, whatís all the yelling about?

Teri: Daddy got a new job! Weíre loaded!

Isabelle: Letís Dance! (Start music - Everyone dances)

Dave: Letís go out to dinner to celebrate! You kids decide!

Kids: McDonalds!!!

Dave: Doh!

Teri: Smooth move, Exlax.


© 2004 Dave Marsh

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