Worship Leaders

Worship Planning
By Stephen M. Newman - Worship Leaders - Feb 22, 2024
There seems to be a growing concern for the need of worship planning resources. Ministers of Music and Worship Leaders from across the globe are searching for new ways to plan and lead worship. We feel a deep need to ...
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The Building Blocks of Worship
By Ross Parsley - Worship Leaders - Feb 19, 2024
The seventh chapter of Luke paints one of the most beautiful pictures of worship and adoration found in the Scriptures. If we look closely we find some essential building blocks for a worshipping church. Simon, the P...
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To Pay or Not to Pay?
By Stephen M. Newman - Worship Leaders - Jan 08, 2024
Over the past several weeks, the question of paying musicians and singers in a worship environment has been a hot topic. If you ask churches who are paying their musicians, they have valid reasons for doing so. If you as...
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No Throwaways
By EXW Staff - Worship Leaders - Dec 27, 2023
Over the years I have been observing the different methods that ministers of music, worship leaders, and pastors use in making changes occur in their ministries and churches. Each person tends to go about things in t...
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10 Principles
By EXW Staff - Worship Leaders - Dec 20, 2023
1. Thou shalt not show up in dirty linen (unconfessed sin). Heb. 10:22 Let us draw near with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodie...
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Captain Kirk
By Stephen M. Newman - Worship Leaders - Nov 30, 2023
I am not a Trekkie, but I remember well the phrase that opened every episode in the old days, "To boldly go where no man has gone before.” If you've ever watched Star Trek, you know that it is a saying that is not e...
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Worship Leader Devotional “Going Deeper”: Finding Stillness
By EXW Staff - Worship Leaders - Nov 27, 2023
A great article that focuses on an age old problem for Worship Leaders and really Christians in general. Love the insight by Cathy Little. It is a simple process that we cannot seem to make work with our busy lives and...
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Lofty Goals - God's?
By Stephen M. Newman - Worship Leaders - Nov 09, 2023
What's the hardest thing about being a worship leader? For some, it's the struggle to balance the performance aspect with the worship-leading aspect. For others, it's dealing with people who feel called but show no ...
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By EXW Staff - Worship Leaders - Oct 30, 2023
When we look at the role of church staff person, many duties come to mind. Listed below are some qualifications for Music Ministers, Worship Leaders, and all Pastors of the church. I. A good shepherd puts his flo...
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Worship - Sermon Series
By EXW Staff - Worship Leaders - Oct 25, 2023
This sermon comes to us from Craig Simonian of Vineyard Christian Fellowhsip of Morris County, NJ. When I visited Central Asia in 1992, I visited a country where there was only 1 known believer. I met her during t...
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