The List

By Dave Marsh
April 27, 2023

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A drama about Prayer.

Director's Notes:
When I first became a Christian, I would pray about everything. I mean, every single thing - no matter how small. We forget that the Father wants to hear every little request. He delights in it. Somehow, just like the mom and dad in this sketch, we grow older and forget this. This drama focuses on this and reminds us to have child-like faith...

John: A dad
Wendy: A mom
Katie: Kid

A couch
Christmas decorations
Andy Williams tape (Most
Wonderful Time of the Year)
Paper (script)
Words at the end on the screen

Katies room in the family house Ė Valentines day
(LIGHTS UP CENTER STAGE where Katie is writing on a piece of paper on the floor. There are Christmas decorations all around and "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" is playing from her boom box.)

(In come Mom and Dad. They are in their pajamasÖ)

Dad: What in the world? Katie? KATIE?

Katie: Oh, hi Dad.

Dad: Look, KatieÖ. (Music is too loud so he turns it off. Heís about to start yelling at her and then looks at the CD case) Whatís this?

Katie: Andy Williams.

Mom: You know who Andy Williams is?

Katie: Come on, Mom, I wasnít born yesterday.

Dad: Wha? Anyway, do you have any idea what time it is, young lady?

Katie: Sure Dad, itís 5:30 am.

Dad: That was a rhetorical question, dear.

Katie: Whatís that?

Mom: Thatís a question youíre not supposed to answer.

Katie: Then why did Dad ask it?

Dad: Never mind. Katie, what are you doing up at 5:30am and whatís with all this Christmas stuff?

Katie: I was just trying to get in the Christmas spirit, you know?

Mom: (looks up at Dad with a smile on her face) Katie honey, itís Valentines day, not Christmas. Christmas was in December.

Katie: I know itís in December, Mom. I was just making my list.

Mom: Oh honey, Santa doesnít look at lists now. Heís relaxing and taking care of his reindeer and then in about 10 months heíll hop in his sleigh and.. .(Katie cuts her off)

Katie: No, Mom, this is a list to Jesus.

Dad: Jesus doesnít have a sleigh, Katie.

Katie: No, you donít understand. I donít want toys from Jesus. This is my prayer list.

Dad: A prayer list?

Katie: Yeah, I decided to make a list of everything that I want to pray about.

Mom: Honey, thatís a great idea.

Dad: (under his breath) Yeah, but not at 5:30 amÖ

Mom: (Gives Dad a dirty look) Can I look at your list?

Katie: Sure.

Mom: Letís see. Wow. This is a lot of stuff.

Dad: Let me seeÖ. Hey, youíre right. These are all things you want to pray about?

Katie: Yep.

Mom: HmmmÖ Mom, Dad, Mallory, Grandma, Sparky, homework, sunshine for the game, Justinís loose tooth, front parking space, finding Mr. Bubbles missing eye, Ö

Dad: Katie, some of these are fine but you canít pray for a parking space or your teddy bears missing eye.

Katie: Why not?

Mom: Well, because, you should be praying about important things.

Katie: Important things?†

Dad: What your mother is trying to say is that you should be praying for sick people in the hospitalÖand in Congress.

Mom: And for things like food and world peace. Important things.

Katie: But these are important things.

Dad: I know they seem to be important, honey, but God doesnít have time to help you look for Mr. Bubbles eyeball.

Mom: Yeah, honey, Iíll help you with that.

Katie: But Pastor Ray said...

Dad: Now who knows more, Pastor Ray or Daddy? Donít answer thatÖ Now go to the bathroom and get a drink of water and then I want you to go back to bed. Got me?†

Katie: (Kinda sad) Got you, Dad. (she leaves)

Dad: Good girl. (turns to Mom) What was she thinking?

Mom: Come on, John, sheís only 7.

(They start to walk off and fading up on the screen is:

"Donít worry about anything; instead, pray about everything; tell God your needs and donít forget to thank Him for His answers."

Philippians 4: 6

Dad: Yeah, sheíll learn. Sheíll learn...†



(c) 1999 Dave Marsh

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