The 7th Day

By Dave Marsh
March 06, 2023

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A drama about Priorities

Director's Notes:
Let's face it - we're too busy. Steven Curtis Chapman sings a song about the "busyman." The Bible says that a man dies and leaves behind all his busy activities. Sometimes when I write a drama, God uses it first and foremost in my own life. There are a few laughs in this one but that's about it. Nothing really funny about this subject. I ended it as I'm apt to do - the Everyman can't make up his mind as the lights fade...

Dave: A workaholic Dad
Jimmy: Dave's Son

A phone
Some papers
A chair
A desk
A laptop (if available)

Home office


(Dave is busy working hard.)

Dave: I just donít get it. I canít seem to get these numbers to come out right! I mean, how many times do I have to run them? Argh! Maybe Iím cursed. Thatís it! Iíve been cursed! Whoís the god of mathematics? Iím SURE thereís a god of mathematics and heís got it in for me!

Dave: (Stands up on chair playing the god) You there, puny mortal! I am Algorithm, the god of mathematics and I bring you endless days and hours of unresolved decimal points and balance sheets that do not jive!

Jimmy: (Enters) Hey Dad. What are you doing?

Dave: (looks at this son) Nothing Jimmy. Daddy is just losing his mind.

Jimmy: Cool. Okay, Iíve got something for you.

Dave: (gets down) Um, Jimmy, Iím really busyÖ you see (phone rings) Hold on.

Jimmy: (sits down on steps)

Dave: Hello? Oh, hi Chris. Yeah, Iím looking at them right now. What? No, I havenít. Yes, I know but I tried to get it done FridayÖ I tried to get it done Friday night Ė I tried to get it done Saturday even but the numbers wonít match. Yes. Yes. I know, theyíre gonna be there at 3 on Monday.

Jimmy: Dad?

Dave: Hold on pal. (back to the phone) Yes. I know. Look Chris, there are only so many hours in the day. Iím trying to get these numbers to jive. Yes. Iím looking at them right now. Yep, I see that right here on page 4. What? Page 5? (looks at the papers on his desk) Uh, I donít have a page 5. Yes. NoÖ wait a minute. Thatís right! Wait a minute itís got to be here somewhereÖ

Jimmy: Dad. I have the numbers you need.

Dave: What?

Jimmy: Here you go.

Dave: Wow. Thanks Jimmy. Youíre a lifesaver. (back to phone) Hold on. Let me look these over.

Dave: (He looks at them but notices this is not the page he thought it wasÖ)

Dave: Um, Jimmy. Whatís this?

Jimmy: Read it.

Dave: Hold on ChrisÖ (he begins reading out loud)

Dadís Time Monday Ė Friday : 50 hours of work -1 hour a night with me or 5 hours

Saturday: 6 hours of work - 3 hours with me

Sunday: ?

Dave: (looks at his son) Um, JimmyÖ

Jimmy: Iíll wait outside, ok dad?

Dave: UhÖ (phone) Yes, Chris, yeah, Iím still here. Yes, I know how important this is. What? Did I find the numbers? (He looks at the paper) Yeah, I found themÖ

Dave: (he looks back and forth between the computer and where his son left as the LIGHTS SLOWLY FADE)Ö


(c) 1998 Dave Marsh

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