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Implementing Media
By Anthony D. Coppedge - Video Advice - March 08, 2023
Have a defined vision, purpose and plan for using Media. That's it. If the church leadership has a desire to use Media, then there must be a clear vision, attainable goals and operating budget established. ...
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Upgrading Your Video Projector
By Anthony D. Coppedge - Video Advice - Feb 07, 2023
I receive numerous emails from churches asking about Video Projection. Listed below is one such church that is looking to upgrade their projector. What follows are a few of their questions. My responses are directed...
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How Much Media Budget?
By Anthony D. Coppedge - Video Advice - Jan 18, 2023
The concept of Media budgets is relatively new (aside from broadcast oriented churches), and the amounts jump dramatically from church to church. So how much should you set aside for your Annual church Media budget? The ...
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TripleWide Media
By EXW Staff - Video Advice - Dec 12, 2022
We are fueling the multi-screen movement The goal of TripleWide Media is to provide creative, quality and effective content for triple wide video walls, double wide videos walls, wide format edge blended screens, environ...
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Shift Worship
By EXW Staff - Video Advice - Nov 16, 2022
If you haven't been to, you may want to set some time aside today to visit it. Shift Worship is one of the best sites on the web for visual worship images, Creative, versatile, easy to use, and it has ...
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Projector Connections
By Anthony D. Coppedge - Video Advice - Nov 02, 2022
Simple, yet legitimate questions about projectors are often the ones that are assumed. A subscriber of mine once asked me what sorts of connectors should be on a projector. First, the projector should be DATA and VID...
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The Powder Keg
By Van Metschke - Video Advice - Nov 01, 2022
So much of what we do as church techs revolves around communication between those we work with and us. Clarity and alignment of the overall vision is key. Unfortunately, techs, pastors, musicians, and even attendees are ...
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The Fourth Element Part Four
By Van Metschke - Video Advice - Oct 27, 2022
At most churches each musician brings their instrument of choice and the sound person is expected to mix and equalize all and any instruments into a glorious blend of celestial music. It is a true fact that you canít mak...
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Tech: Mind Your Transitions
By Van Metschke - Video Advice - Sep 29, 2022
Train wreck. Car crash. Awkward moment. Bumpy ride. Kludge. These are just some of the phrases many a technical professional has uttered under their breath during an event that is going, shall we say, not so smoot...
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By EXW Staff - Video Advice - July 11, 2022
Have you ever wanted to incorporate high quality video in your church but couldn't because of the cost of cameras, editing equipment and software (not to mention the many man-hours required to shoot and produce it)? Hav...
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