Next 5

By Dave Marsh
March 16, 2023

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Director's Notes:
Our pastor did a message from 1 Corinthians 13 that said we can have all the faith and gifts in the world but if we don't have love for one another, then we are nothing. It was aimed at how we love each other in the church but the drama works well for marriages in general also. The drama touches on how we can show love for each other by the way we treat each other.

Dave: The husband
Beth: The wife

A remote
2 chairs (or couch)
Tiny wadded up pieces of paper
A small ball
Graphics from the shows mentioned (to show as slides) (If available)

Family Room


(Dave is dragging his wife (laden with a laundry basket) up to the stageÖ)

Dave: Come on. Come on. This is gonna be fun, I promise.

Beth: Is this another one of those ridiculous games you make up?

Dave: What do you mean ridiculous?

Beth: Hello?!? You know, like that coasters game where we try to toss the coasters like Frisbees and see who can get it closest to the patio door.

Dave: WellÖ

Beth: Or Paper-wad Golf where we throw a taped up ball of paper around the house where every lamp shade is a hole.

Dave: UmÖ

Beth: Or that ludicrous game where we bounce balls from the living room couch into the kitchen in hopes of landing it into the sink.

Dave: Sink Ball.

Beth: Right. Sink Ball. Stupid.

Dave: Okay, okay. So those were stupid ideas but Iíve got a really cool new one!

Beth: I can hardly wait.

Dave: Itís a game about love.

Beth: Love? Seriously? (showing a bit of interest)

Dave: Yeah, itís called Next 5. I created it myself. It helps us understand and love each other better.

Beth: (looks at him with suspicion) What have you done with my husband? You look like him but donít sound like him.

Dave: Seriously, I thought this would be cool.

Beth: Ok. Iím game. How do you play?

Dave: Great. (pulls her down on the couch) Hereís what you do. You choose a category with a question about love or our relationship and then you use the remote and flip the channel 5 times. You must then choose what is on one of the channels to answer the question. But be careful not to choose the first one or you might miss out on something better. On the other hand, if you wait, you might get stuck with the last channel. Got it?

Beth: Sounds easy.

Dave: Okay. Iíve jotted down a bunch of questions (pulls a ton of crumpled up little pieces of paper out of his pocket and throws them on the coffee table.) Okay, choose one.

Beth: All right. (chooses one.)

Dave: Read it.

Beth: ďFind a T.V. show that exemplifies love.Ē

Dave: All right. Great. Who wants to go first.

Beth: Why donít you show me how itís done?

Dave: Okay. Here we go. (points remote at the T.V.) Okay, letís see. My Three Sons. Um, nah. Uh, Different Strokes, hmmm. No.

Beth: Thatís two already.

Dave: I know, I know. Well, number 3 is an infomercial. That doesnít count. (Points at the TV)

Beth: What do you mean? Just cause itís an infomercial? You always change the rules in these games.

Dave: Well, I doubt that Propelle Guy and his rotating chicken has anything to do with love. I meanÖ (looks at her stern face)Ö fine. Thatís 3. Um, okay, here we go. Love Boat. Whew! I choose that.

Beth: You chose Love Boat over My Three Sons?

Dave: Oh yeah. I mean, every episode people are finding love on the boat. You know, Adrianne Barbou and Charles Nelson Reilly or Charro and Scott Baio. I mean, they showed us what love really is.

Beth: You're joking right? That wasnít love. That was infatuation. Did you ever hear about any of those people having a long-term relationship? I donít think so. I think Charro was on that show like 30 times. Thatís not love.

Dave: Okay. Okay. Well, why donít you just show me what is, Dr. Joyce.

Beth: Okay. Give me that. (she goes to her first channel.) Okay, there. The Andy Griffith Show.

Dave: You donít have to take the first show.

Beth: I know that. Doesnít matter. This is the show I want.

Dave: What in the world does Andy Griffith have to do with exemplifying love?

Beth: Youíre kidding right? (starts counting on her fingers.) First there was how Andy loved Opie. He always went out of his way to listen to him and talk to him about his problems and when Andy was wrong about something, he admitted it. Second, thereís Aunt B. He was always careful not to hurt her feelings and came up with ways to make her feel good about herself. And last, but not least, he loved Barney. Barney was always messing up and Andy was tolerant, patient and always wanted the best for him.

Dave: Fine! Beth 1 and Dave zero.!

Beth: Itís not a competition dearÖ

Dave: (yelling) Everything is a competition now hereís the next category. (settles down). ďFind someone on T.V. that you wish your spouse was more like.Ē Okay, who goes first?

Beth: My turn remember?

Dave: (grits teeth) Fine.

Beth: Okay, letís see. Well, thereís Richard Gere.

Dave: (getting mad) Fine. You want me to be like Richard Gere?

Beth: Settle down there. Iím not done. I donít choose him. Letís see, thereís Ted Turner. Hmmm. Nah. Thatís 2. Um, thereís Mel GibsonÖ nah, not my type. Oh, here we go. Dino.

Dave: You mean from the Flintstones?

Beth: Yeah. I know it sounds weird but Dino has great qualities. Heís a faithful friend Ė always sticking by Fred. Heís happy to see him every time he comes home. He really has a heart of gold.

Dave: Ok, ok. Whatever. My turn. Letís see. Um, thereís Mother Theresa. Nah. Too nice. Hmmm, thereís Nancy Reagan.. donít think soÖ Thereís OprahÖ hmmm. Oh, there you go Ė Anna Nicole Smith!

Beth: Anna Nicole Smith, huh?

Dave: Yeah. Anna Nicole Smith.

Beth: You turned down Mother Theresa, Nancy Reagan and Oprah so I could be more like Anna Nicole Smith, huh?

Dave: Um,Ö. yeahÖI guess.

Beth: (rolls her eyes and picks up the laundry basket and leaves) Brilliant game, Dave.

Dave: (shouts after her) Hey, come on. Come back. Iíll do it again. Beth? (pulls a ball out of his pocket) How about a game of Sink Ball?



© 2003 Dave Marsh

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