The Question

By Dave Marsh
August 31, 2023

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A drama about Evangelism

Director's Notes:

Ray did a series on how to invite people to an event we have called Friend Day. Basically, it comes down to the fact that most of us are nervous/scared/worried about inviting people to church for fear of rejection.

This drama uses a tape with voice over on it. Basically, everything in parenthesis is what Mark is thinking...)

Mark: A Christian
John: Mark's non-Christian friend


(LIGHTS UP CENTER STAGE where John and Mark are sitting on the couch watching a football game.)

John: Explain it to me one more time.

Mark: I canít explain it.

John: 4th and 5, on their own 42 and Norv Turner goes for it. Explain that to me!

Mark: Itís unexplainable.

John: Man.


Mark: (Okay, Iíve been sitting here watching a football game with John now for how long? 2 hours or something? Weíve managed to eat 3 bags of chips, 2 boxes of Little Debbies, and a 12 pack of Mountain Dew. Itís only by the grace of God that weíre still functional. Speaking of, this would probably be a good time to ask him out to Friend Day. But how do I do it? I mean, Iím no preacher! I need to find some sort of "in" Ė something that will lead the conversation that way so I can ask him. HmmmmÖ)

John: Ahh! Our offensive line is terrible! How are we going to get the running game going if we canít open up a big enough hole?

Mark: (talking kinda weird) Yes. I agree. Too bad we donít have Moses here to part the defensive line like he did to the Red Sea that I heard about at church. (grins)

John: (looks at him like heís weird) Uh, yeah. Okay.

Mark: (Oh, that was just great. Good job Einstein. "Too bad we donít have Moses here to part the defensive line!" Alright, maybe that wasnít the best tactic. Hmmm. Wait a minute! I know. I was trying to do it all on my own! I need to let the Holy Spirit do the work! Yeah! Iíll pray about it and watch the Holy Spirit do his thing! Itís brilliant! Okay, here goesÖ.)

(Mark squeezes his eyes shut and makes prayer/hand gestures like heís splashing water in Johns face)

John: Maybe we should watch another game. The skins look terrible. TheyÖ (notices Mark) Er, Mark. Uh, are you ok? I told you not to have that 7th can of Dew.

Mark: Iím fine. What are you thinking?

John: Iím thinking youíve lost your mind.

Mark: (Looks up) Yeah, heh. Just joking around. (Oh, this just gets better by the minute. Why donít I just put a sign around my neck that says "Iím insane." What was I thinking? I canít just expect God to do the whole thing. Ok. Letís face the facts here. Iím scared to death of asking him to go. What if he says "no?" Then when would I ask him again? How will this affect our friendship? What if he runs out of here screaming? Or worse yet, what if he asks me some questions about God that I canít answer? What would I do then? What if he laughs at me? I couldnít take that kind of rejection! What if he thinks Iím some dweeb Christian loser? What then? WHAT WOULD I DO?)Ö.


John: (pause) Okay.

Mark: Look, I donít want to ask you agaiÖ what did you say?

John: Okay.

Mark: Okay?

John: Okay.

Mark: Oh-kay.

John: (back to TV) All right, finally. I decent run.

Mark: Do you think itís good enough for a first down?

John: Gonna be close. Only Moses would know. (laughs)

Mark: Yeah, yeah. Mr. Funny-guy! (punches his arm) Do you want another Dew?

John: (imitating Mark's prayer) You read my mind. Bring it on!

Mark: (get up) heh ok. One Dew coming upÖ


John: Oh, come on. Itís first down? What are you thinking? Blah blah blahÖ


(c) 1999 Dave Marsh

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