The Fishing Hole

By Dave Marsh
May 09, 2023

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A drama about Priorities- Father's Day

Director's Notes:
This was an idea I had for quite some time. I had heard the phrase "I wasted the day with my son today" and I decided to turn the negative meaning into a positive one so I changed it to "I wasted the day away with my son today." The content of the conversation between father and son can be anything you want...

It's by far my favorite drama.

John: A dad
Jimmy: A son
Martha: A mom

Fishing poles
Folding chairs

The family's backyard
(LIGHTS UP CENTER STAGE on John and Jimmy who are fishing.)

Jimmy: So, what do you think, Dad?

Dad: What do I think about what, Jimmy?

Jimmy: Are we going to catch some fish?

Dad: I donít know. What do you think?

Jimmy: I think itís just a matter of time.

Dad: Sounds good to me. Did you bait your hook?

Jimmy: Yep!

Dad: Then weíre all set. So, tell me, do you miss school?

Jimmy: Yeah, right Dad.

(There is a lot of conversation between father and son here with the father asking the son lots of questions about what he did at a party, what heís watching on tv, where they want to go for vacation, etc. This goes on for some timeÖ)

Mom: (comes out) John? John you know itís 5íoclock. You gonna start the grill?

Dad: Oh, yeah, sure. Wow. Is it 5 already?

Mom: Yep. You guys have been out here a long time. What are you two talking about?

Dad: Stuff.

Jimmy: Stuff.

Mom: (Looks around and leans down, speaking quietly so only Dad can hear) Dear, you realize donít you that youíre fishing in our swimming pool.

Dad: (looks at his son and smiles) Yep.

Mom: (getís it) Oh, okay. Well, (kisses him on the cheek) maybe dinner can wait another half an hour. (She walks off)

Jimmy: Hey Dad, who do you think is stronger: Superman or the Hulk?

Lights slowing begin to fade hereÖ)

Dad: Hmmm, well, I donít know. Theyíre both pretty strong. What do you think?

Jimmy: I think the Hulk cause when he gets angry, he gets stronger.

Dad: Yeah, but isnít Superman, like, always strong?

Jimmy: Yeah, I guess but the Hulk is bigger and heís green!

Dad: Ah, of course, I had forgotten about that. Hey, which Pokemon do you like the best?

Jimmy: I like Pikachu.. etc...



(c) 1999 Dave Marsh

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