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Upgrading Mixing Consoles:The Volunteer Factor
By EXW Staff - Sound Advice - Nov 13, 2023
When the curve is too steep, you could be upgrading to a better console but getting a worse result because its "too much board" for your volunteers. At the end of the rainbow isn't a pot of gold, it's a well-trained v...
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How to EQ Vocals
By EXW Staff - Sound Advice - Oct 23, 2023
Vocal EQ work can make or break your mix. A solid vocal mix will capture the listenerís ear. Donít think vocal mixing is hard. EQ vocals using these six easy steps. Oh, you might have one particular singer that has a dif...
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Seven Steps for Cleaning Up Your Music Mix
By EXW Staff - Sound Advice - Oct 09, 2023
Saturday, I was conducting an audio training session and I was given the opportunity to work on their mix with the worship band. The mix was pretty good so instead of re-building their full mix, I focused on cleaning up...
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Tips and Tricks
By Brent Handy - Sound Advice - Oct 05, 2023
Q: Our mixer provides simultaneous mixes for the house and monitors. When we need to use the EQ to eliminate feedback in our monitors, it effects the house. How can we use the EQ just on a monitor send, or the house mix...
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By EXW Staff - Sound Advice - Sep 27, 2023
There is a new Personal Monitor System on the market that we just had to let you know about. The Pivitec Personal Monitor System is one cool choice for the church that is looking for a in ear system. Pivitec allows you...
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Extreme Event Checklist
By Leon Sievers - Sound Advice - Sep 26, 2023
If you are considering hosting an Extreme Concert for next year or planning an event of your own, the following timetable and promotional guidelines can maximize the impact and attendance of your event. Basic M...
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Tips and Tricks
By Brent Handy - Sound Advice - Sep 12, 2023
Q: Our system has radio noise coming through the PA. How do we stop it from happening? A: Here is what I would do. Solo each channel's input, aux sends, subgroups, matrices, masters, etc. to try to isolate where i...
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Quick Tech Tip
By Leon Sievers - Sound Advice - Aug 22, 2023
What not to do with a Microphone 1. Donít blow into a microphone to see if itís on. Blowing into a microphone can expel moisture into a microphone and besides being disgusting can damage the microphone diaphragm. In...
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The Sound Team
By Leon Sievers - Sound Advice - Aug 07, 2023
Ultimately, any sound system is only as good as the people operating it. Their ministry is every bit as valid as the music director, the instrumentalist or the choir member. In reality, the effectiveness of the aforemen...
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Effective Effects
By EXW Staff - Sound Advice - Aug 02, 2023
It is often tricky to find the best effects in a live venue like worship. When to use reverb and when to use delays can baffle the volunteer and even experienced sound tech. This article sheds some light light on w...
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