A Study of Biblical worship

What is Worship, Why We Worship, What is Praise

What is true worship? The definition of biblical worship is in the Experiencing Worship Study.

"The Experiencing Worship Study has changed my life. I now understand what it means to be a worshiper. I will never be the same as a worshiper and as a child of God."



Are You Barren?
By EXW Staff - General Worship - Dec 09, 2016

I have spent years in the traditional church as a Christian as well as part of the church staff. Because of my background, I had a lack of understanding when it came to this thing called worship. To me it was the song service that we would perfect from week to week, followed by a sermon, and topped of with an invitation. It didn't vary much from week to week and ...read more
Yeah, Merry Christmas
By Dave Marsh - Drama - Dec 07, 2016

A drama about the meaning of Christmas. Director's Notes: I tend to shy away from writing stuff that comes across to schmaltzy. So, when I wrote this Christmas drama I drew inspiration from the wonderful film "A Christmas Story." I thought it was funny how the kids just went nuts opening presents. Unfortunately, this is all to true in real ...read more
The Sound Team
By Leon Sievers - Sound Advice - Dec 05, 2016

Ultimately, any sound system is only as good as the people operating it. Their ministry is every bit as valid as the music director, the instrumentalist or the choir member. In reality, the effectiveness of the aforementioned ministries may depend on the sound operatorsí ministry. Therefore it is very important to provide the same level of personal and spiritual atte...read more
Our Prayers
By Darlene Thorne - General Worship - Dec 02, 2016

I turned on the television the other day and was brought to tears with what was going on. I, for the first time am a little embarrassed to say, saw a prayer breakfast that was sponsored by the Congress. I heard them speak of the founding of the breakfasts by a Senator who wanted to pray for then President Eisenhower who was in the midst of war. They charged them...read more
Don't Be a Quick Change Artist Worshiper
By Terri Pettyjohn - General Worship - Nov 30, 2016

As a mother and wife, I can go from being counselor, bank advisor, parole officer, head chef, lawn care specialist, and nurse in ten seconds or less. Any woman with children has the know-how and G...read more
Room Acoustics 101
By Leon Sievers - Sound Advice - Nov 28, 2016

Nothing can improve the quality of your church sound system as much as determining the proper placement for your loudspeaker system.† Upgrading your speakers can make changes in the range of 1 to 5 decibels. But simply changing your speaker position can make differences in excess of 15dB in response! Who would buy a loudspeaker product with a +/-15dB swing in resp...read more

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What Is True Worship?

Find the answer to the question that everyone is asking - What is true worship? The answer can be found in the Experiencing Worship Study. This course is broken up into a five week study. Each week you will discover something new about worship as you go through the study. When you get together with your group, you will share with each other what you have experienced and go over your findings in the scriptures. Each week you will put into practice what you have learned from your private study and group sessions with worship music. You will begin to experience worship through your study, discussion, and private and corporate worship times. You will also begin a new life of worship as you put into practice true biblical worship. This website is an evolution of Steve Newman's book and acts as a resource for the worship leader and worshiper.