A Study of Biblical Worship

Week 1 - Why We Worship?
Week 2 - What Is Worship?
Week 3 - What Is Praise?
Week 4 - Corporate and Personal Worship
Week 5 - A True Worshiper

What is true worship? The definition of biblical worship is in the Experiencing Worship Study.

"The Experiencing Worship Study has changed my life. I now understand what it means to be a worshiper. I will never be the same as a worshiper and as a child of God."



A Million Lights
By EXW Staff - Worship Music Reviews - Dec 14, 2017

Multi-Platinum artist, best-selling author and acclaimed actor Michael W. Smith is taking preorders beginning today for his A Million Lights album set to release Feb. 16 from Rocketown Records and The Fuel Music. Two instant downloads, both “Love Always Wins” and the title track that has USA Today raving “Michael W. Smith is shining brighter than ever,” are availa...read more
Bible Gateway
By EXW Staff - General Worship - Dec 14, 2017

A great site for searching the scriptures. I use this site all the time when looking for passages for worship to transition a song or for personal study. The search engine does a great job and has proven to be the one stop site for scripture. If you haven't been there, you need to check it out. You will need no other site for your search....read more
Reduce Stress
By Van Metschke - General Worship - Dec 11, 2017

Don’t know where this came from, but I think we could all do our job as techs better if we followed these tips. Let’s try it together. 36 WAYS TO REDUCE STRESS 1. Pray 2. Go to bed on time. 3. Get up on time so you can start the day unrushed. 4. Say No to projects that won’t fit into your time schedule, or that will compromise your mental health. ...read more
Christmas Spirit (THE RIGHT WAY)
By EXW Staff - General Worship - Dec 07, 2017

A great video to help kick off the Christmas season in your church. Good as a sermon starter or during the offering. Wherever you choose to put it, your service it will surely help others focus of t...read more
A Guitar Capo
By Ric Flauding - General Worship - Dec 04, 2017

A guitar capo is a clamp devise that you position on different frets of the guitar to change the pitch or key of the open strings. I like to describe it to students as a device that “acts” as if it cut off your frets! Scary huh? Joking aside. The capo does (in a sense) remove frets from your guitar… Before getting into some applications with the capo, lets get som...read more
Our Worship Sound
By EXW Staff - General Worship - Nov 30, 2017

A great resource for the worship keyboardist. Lots of tutorials on how to play as well as how to use Mainstage in worship. We love their YouTube channel that is filled with some great tips and helps on how to make the most out of your keyboards in worship. Visit their channel below to help get you started....read more

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What Is True Worship?

Find the answer to the question that everyone is asking - What is true worship? The answer can be found in the Experiencing Worship Study. This course is broken up into a five week study. Each week you will discover something new about worship as you go through the study. When you get together with your group, you will share with each other what you have experienced and go over your findings in the scriptures. Each week you will put into practice what you have learned from your private study and group sessions with worship music. You will begin to experience worship through your study, discussion, and private and corporate worship times. You will also begin a new life of worship as you put into practice true biblical worship. This website is an evolution of Steve Newman's book and acts as a resource for the worship leader and worshiper.