A Study of Biblical Worship

Week 1 - Why We Worship?
Week 2 - What Is Worship?
Week 3 - What Is Praise?
Week 4 - Corporate and Personal Worship
Week 5 - A True Worshiper

What is true worship? The definition of biblical worship is in the Experiencing Worship Study.

"The Experiencing Worship Study has changed my life. I now understand what it means to be a worshiper. I will never be the same as a worshiper and as a child of God."


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Gold Star Listing Director of Disability Ministry IN Other2021-09-22
Elementary (Base Camp) Coordinator CO Presbyterian - PCA2021-09-20
Nursery-preschool Coordinator CO Presbyterian - PCA2021-09-20
Minister of Music TX Baptist - SBC2021-09-16
Worship Arts Director AZ Non-Denominational2021-09-16
Financial Secretary TX Other2021-09-16
Gold Star Listing Administrator of Operations MI Non-Denominational2021-09-16

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What Is True Worship?

Find the answer to the question that everyone is asking - What is true worship? The answer can be found in the Experiencing Worship Study. This course is broken up into a five week study. Each week you will discover something new about worship as you go through the study. When you get together with your group, you will share with each other what you have experienced and go over your findings in the scriptures. Each week you will put into practice what you have learned from your private study and group sessions with worship music. You will begin to experience worship through your study, discussion, and private and corporate worship times. You will also begin a new life of worship as you put into practice true biblical worship. This website is an evolution of Steve Newman's book and acts as a resource for the worship leader and worshiper.