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The Dilemma
A drama about Tithing....more
Dave Marsh 2011-04-21 Drama
A drama about back sliding - Also Easter.....more
Dave Marsh 2011-04-19 Drama
Mr. Smith Goes to Jerusalem
A drama about Easter and understanding the tomb....more
Dave Marsh 2011-04-11 Drama
Saturday Night Live?
A drama about Witnessing....more
Dave Marsh 2011-04-06 Drama
The Favor
Director's Notes: I merely modified "The Favor" to work for Christmas... Cast: Susan: A woman who has forgotten her First Love Jerry: Susan's husband Props: A bunny costume (the goofier, the better) A camera ....more
Dave Marsh 2011-04-01 Drama
A drama about imitating Christ, not man....more
Dave Marsh 2011-03-10 Drama
The Game of Life
A drama about personal accountability and life priorities....more
Dave Marsh 2011-03-08 Drama
Rich Man, Poor Man?
A drama about Money....more
Dave Marsh 2011-03-03 Drama
Peace Please
A drama about having peace....more
Dave Marsh 2011-02-23 Drama
Father Knows Best?
A drama about the Beatitudes and wisdom.....more
Dave Marsh 2011-02-21 Drama
Resting In The Lord
A drama about church and nature....more
Dave Marsh 2011-02-16 Drama
Worship Worries
A drama about understanding Worship....more
Dave Marsh 2011-02-11 Drama
The Worst Announcements Ever
A drama about the perils of perfectionism....more
Dave Marsh 2011-02-07 Drama
Not So Amazing Grace
A drama about Blessings....more
Dave Marsh 2011-01-31 Drama
You Were Saying?
A drama about the Bible and busyness....more
Dave Marsh 2011-01-25 Drama
Who Got Game?
Director's Notes: I always liked the Screwtape Letters by C.S.Lewis where 2 demons converse throughout the book, giving us a glimpse of how the enemy might work on us. I wrote this drama to try and capture that same typ....more
Dave Marsh 2011-01-17 Drama
Family Night Live
A drama about the identity of God....more
Dave Marsh 2011-01-11 Drama
Morning Madness
A drama about Serving in the Church....more
Dave Marsh 2011-01-09 Drama
The Bigger They Are
A drama about overcoming Obstacles....more
Dave Marsh 2011-01-06 Drama
A drama about making tough choices....more
Dave Marsh 2011-01-04 Drama
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