The Game of Life

By Dave Marsh
March 08, 2011

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A drama about personal accountability and life priorities

Director's Notes:
It's easy to get caught up in the world and forget what is really important and where our priorities should be. We can also start blaming each other for our own lack of self-control and accountability. This is one of my favorites since many times it hits close to home...

Jack: A normal husband and father
Sandy: Jack's wife
Vicki: A friend of the family

The game of Life
Bowl of chips, etc.

Jack and Sandy's kitchen
(LIGHTS UP CENTER STAGE - Jack, Sandy, and Vicki are playing the board
game "The Game of Life.)

Vicki: You guys, I canít remember the last time I played this game. I must have been, like 10 or something.

Sandy: Yeah, they really updated the box and everything (holds it up). Itís like a doctor used to make something like $20,000 when it first came out in the 70ís.

Jack: (jokingly) Hey, look, are you two gonna yap all night. Letís finish the inevitable Ė you know, where I crush you in my suburban-money-hungry grip.

Sandy: You are an absolute joy to play with, dear.

Vicki: You know, Jack, itís not whether your win or lose itísÖ

Jack: (cuts her off) how badly you win. Yeah, I agree. Now spin. Sandy itís your turn.

Sandy: Okay, okay. Letís see. Okay, a 4. (moves her piece). Strike oil. Collect $300,000! Wow! (looks at Vicki) Okay, banker, hand it over!

Jack: (Producing a collect card). Not so fast there, Speedy Gonzalez. Iíd like half of that please.

Sandy: Argh. What do you want with it anyway? Youíll just blow it on junk.

Jack: What do you mean? Iím not the one with the spending problemÖ

Sandy: What do YOU mean?

Jack: Well how about those Precious Moments figures you bought?

Sandy: Hey, itís not my faultÖyou told me to start a hobby.

Vicki: Uh, guys?

Jack: Yeah, I said start a hobby, not buy so many that we had to have a $15,000 addition put on to store the things!

andy: Hey, look whoís talking. Who bought that Corvette? A Corvetteís really practical in a family of 5. And, if I remember correctly, we needed a new dishwasher at the time.

Jack: Yeah, well, that wasnít my fault. It was that car dealer friend of yours. He practically made me buy it.

Vicki: Uh, guys?

Sandy: Made you buy it? Friend of mine? You know, I think somebody here has a problem with owning up and taking responsibilities for their own actions and I donít think itís the people who have a full head of hair.

Jack: What? Well, I, uh, look weÖ

Vicki: Guys!? Címon now, this is a game. Itís supposed to be fun. Now, címon, letís play.

Jack/Sandy: Uh, yeah, sorry, etc.

Vicki: Okay, Jack, your spin.

Jack: (Spins.) 6. (countís em off). Letís see Ė A baby boy is born. Collect presents. (looks at the ladies) Thatíll be $500 each please.

Sandy: Here you go. Poor kids gonna need something.

Jack: What do you mean by that?

Sandy: Well, you know, itís gonna be rough since he wonít see his father very much.

Jack: (holds up the piece) Hey, Iím gonna see this little guy a ton! Weíre gonna do all the great Dad things I do with my kids now.

Vicki: Um, guys?

Sandy: What, like watch Daddy work late? Or watch Daddy bring home a full briefcase?

ack: Hey, as soon as you decide that you donít like your lifestyle let me know.

Vicki: Guys??

Sandy: It has nothing to do with that.

Jack: It has everything to do with that.

Sandy: Hey, all Iím saying is that if youíre gonna take care of that kid, youíd better get your priorities straightened out.

Vicki: Bye. (frustrated. Gets up and leaves. Jack and Sandy donít even notice.)

Jack: My priorities? Have you taken a look at that Bible of yours? It has enough dust on it to choke a horse!

Sandy: Hey, Iíve got to take care of the kids all day, not to mention picking up for you and washing your clothes and shopping for food.

Jack: Oh, thatís good. Groceries before God. Those are good priorities.

Sandy/Jack: (frustrated, they are biting back more words when they notice that Vicki is gone.)

Jack: Hey, whereíd Vicki go?

Sandy: I have no idea.

Jack: Yeah, well. (looks at game). This is, uh, an interesting game, this game of Life.

Sandy: Yeah. (long pause) Maybe it hasnít changed that much in twenty years after all.



(c) 1998 Dave Marsh

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