By Dave Marsh
March 10, 2011

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A drama about imitating Christ, not man

Director's Notes:
It's easy to imitate or try to be like people in this world. It may be a pastor, a teacher, a parent, a friend, or, in this case, a sports figure. It's okay to look at these people and admire them, even call them personal heroes, but ultimately we need to remember that they will/can always fail us. That's why Ephesians tells us to imitate Christ. He alone will never fail us. He's perfect! He's batting 1000!

Jim: A guy who's imitating Andre Agassi
Sarah: Jim's girlfriend

A gym bag (Nike) and lots of Nike clothes
A tennis racket
A camera


Family Room
(LIGHTS UP CENTER STAGE where Sarah is waiting for Jim. She is in her jogging clothes.)

Sarah: Címon Jim. Letís go. Thereís only so much daylight left if weíre gonna get this run in.

Jim: (off stage) Hold your horses. Iím coming.

Sarah: Youíve been in there like an hour or something. Even I donít take that long!

Jim: (off stage) Itís been only like 10 minutes! Iím coming already. (enters with gym bag) Letís go.

Sarah: Not like that weíre not.

Jim: (Looks around the room.) What?

Sarah: Look at your clothes!

Jim: Whatís wrong with my clothes?

Sarah: Whatís wrong? Youíre a walking billboard for Nike. Thatís whatís wrong!

Jim: (Looks down and pretends not to have never noticed it) hmmm. Wow. Youíre right.

Sarah: Wait a minute, do you mean to tell me that you never noticed that everything you own has a ĎSwooshí on it. Look at you. Your hat, your shirt, your coat, the bag, your shorts, your socks, and your shoes!

Jim: (fidgety) Yeah. Heh. Look at that. Weird.

Sarah: Whatever. Címon letís go. You can leave the bag.

Jim: No, Iíll bring it with.

Sarah: Come on, weíre going for a jog, not a workout.

Jim: Yeah, all the same, Iíll bring it along.

Sarah: (suspicious) Whatís in the bag Jim?

Jim: Nothing.

Sarah: Give me the bag.

Sarah: Put the bag down slowly, Jim, and walk away.

Jim: Stay back!

Sarah: (she grabs the bag and thereís a struggle but she wins out) Okay, whatís in here. A camera? A tennis racket? Wait a minute! Are you trying to be like Andre Agassi????

Jim: hmmm. Well. OKAY, I ADMIT IT! So sue me!

Sarah: Hey, take it easy. I mean, heís a fine tennis playerÖ

Jim: Fine? FINE? Heís more than fine! Heís the greatest tennis player in the history of the game! Have you seen his returns? No one can match him! I mean look at the guy! Heís, like, well, perfect!

Sarah: So thatís it? Thatís why you dress like this? I mean, yeah heís a good tennis player and Iím sure heís a great guy but heís far from perfect! I mean, heís ranked 4th on the ATP.

Jim: Fourth?

Sarah: Yeah. In fact, Pete Sampras just passed him.

Jim: Oh.
Sarah: Look Jim, itís okay to like these guys or look up to them for their abilities but if you really want to imitate someone, I think you need to look a little higher.

Jim: You mean like Mike? (Jordan if you didn't catch the joke :)

Sarah: Um, no. Higher.

Jim: (thinks and then realizes she's talking about Christ) Ahhh... Gotcha.

Sarah: (hands him the bag) Okay, why donít you go change so we can get this run in okay?

Jim: Yeah, okay. Iíll just do it. Get it?

Sarah: Yeah, I got it. (he leaves)

Sarah: That guy. (suddenly hears the sound of an electric razor) Jim? Jim tell me your not shaving your head!?!?



(c) 2000 Dave Marsh

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