Rich Man, Poor Man?

By Dave Marsh
March 03, 2011

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A drama about Money

Director's Notes:
This drama presents no answers to the question: Poverty or Prosperity: Which is Biblically correct? But it is a good setup to a message about the subject of money, the Christian, and why some people are blessed financially more than others. I wrote this drama to support a series on stewardship and what God expects from us in terms of how we handle time, talents and treasures.

Dave: A clueless Dad
Teri: Dave's wife
Kim: Dave's teenage daughter

A card table
Wall Street Journal
3 chairs
A magazine
Cereal, bowls, coffee, etc.

Home kitchen


(Dave and Teri are sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast. Dave is reading the Wall Street Journal and Teri is reading a magazine. Kim comes walking in and pours herself some cereal.)

Kim: Wall Street Journal, huh Dad?

Dave: Yep.

Kim: Aren't you supposed to be reading a normal newspaper?

Dave: What?

Kim: You know, Dad reads the morning paper, passes the comics on to his kids and the flyers to his wife. You know, a normal newspaper.

Dave: This is a normal paper. Gotta work and invest to get ahead. Yep, God helps those who help themselves.

Kim: What?

Dave: God helps those who help themselves. Jesus said it.

Kim: No He didn't.

Dave: Sure He did. It's in the Bible.

Kim: No it's not. Ben Franklin said that.

Dave: Ben Franklin is not in the Bible.

Kim: Ugh. I'm not saying that. I'm saying that Ben Franklin said that, not Jesus. And I'm not so sure that's true. I mean, doesn't God help those who can't help themselves?

Dave: Yeah, right. Just like those televangelists. (sarcasm) All I need to do is send them some cash and within a week they'll make sure that God will miraculously bless me financially and wipe out all my credit card debt. Oooo, let me get by checkbook.

Kim: I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about people like Mr. Taylor down the street. I mean, he's really old and he doesn't have much money, and he's

Dave: A democrat.

Kim: What?

Dave: He's a democrat. That explains everything.

Kim: That doesn't explain anything! Maybe he doesn't have any money because he, um, I don't know. Maybe it's because, uh

Dave: (taunting) He's giving it to people on TV?

Kim: Dad! No, I'm not saying that. But maybe it is about giving and receiving. Is that what it's about?

Dave: Sure. But as long as you get a tax-deductible receipt.

Kim: So it's about getting a receipt?!?

Dave: A tax-deductible receipt. There's a difference.

Kim: I just don't understand any of it! How come some people are blessed more than others? How come there are people with huge mansions and then there are starving kids in Africa? Why do we have money but Mr. Taylor has next to nothing? Is it based on how much we pray, or how much we give, or who we know or what???!

Dave: Look. Why are you asking me all these questions? You should know this stuff by now. Haven't you ever seen Schoolhouse Rock? I mean, what about that song? "I'm just a bill, yes I'm only a bill." That should explain everything about money!

Kim: (stands up) Dad! That song is about getting a bill through Congress! Argh!!! I've got to get ready for school. (sarcastic) Thanks a lot. (leaves)

Teri: (looks up at Dave) Good job, Einstein.



(c) 2003 Dave Marsh

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