Family Night Live

By Dave Marsh
January 11, 2011

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A drama about the identity of God

Director's Notes: I wrote this drama in hopes of showing the myths that some people have about God. They think that:

A) He is either not interested in us any longer
B) He is a taskmaster that cares more about dos and dont's
C) He is a kindly old man who merely wants us to believe in Him

Of course, God wants to be friends with us. And as we develop that friendship with Him we desire to do things that please Him and refrain from that which hurts our relationship...

John: Dad
Angela: Mom
Isabelle: Daughter

TV Guide
Glamour magazine

The family room.
(LIGHTS UP CENTER STAGE where the John and Angela are watching TV (much
to Angela's dismay) and Isabelle is reading her magazine...)

John: Ha ha ha ha ha! Whoa. That Danny Partridge… what a character!

Angela: You call this fun? Watching reruns of the Partridge Family?

John: Shhhh! I love this part. This is where they sing one of their classic songs!

Angela: You call those songs classics? They don’t even play their own instruments! I thought this was going to be a family night?

John: (keeps looking at TV) It is. (Points at everyone) Family. (Points at watch) Night. Family night! (starts quietly singing "I think I love you.")

Angela: (not amused. looks at Isabelle) Did you hear that, Isabelle? Your father thinks that watching TV Land together constitutes a family night! Isabelle? Earth to Isabelle?

Isabelle: Hmmm?

Angela: The Partridge Family! We’re watching the Partridge Family!

Isabelle: Who are they?

Angela: (hangs head – heavy sigh. Without looking up she puts out her hand) John, give me the remote.

John: But…

Angela: John!

John: (hands it over and she turns off the TV. He shows her a page in the TV guide) Fine. But remember, it’s you that deprived our daughter of quality programming! Look what's on next!

Angela: (takes the TV guide out of his hand ) I hardly call Three’s Company quality programming.

Isabelle: Who?
Angela: (Shakes her head) Come on. This is our family night. Let’s do something fun.

John: Like what?

Angela: I don’t know… how about Charades?

John: (both of them moan) Charades?

Angela: Come on. It will be fun. We’ll, uh, (spies the TV Guide) find movies in the back of the TV guide…. Please?

John: (He and Isabelle look at each other and shrug) Sure. Ok. (etc.)

Angela: Yea! This is going to be so much fun!

Isabelle: It’ll be something all right.

Angela: (Glares at her). Okay, I’ll go first. (She jumps up and starts looking through it) Hmmm. OKAY! Here we go! (She throws the TV guide to Isablle) (holds up 1 finger)

Isabelle: One word.

Angela: (Starts looking scary. Holds her hands over her head.)

Isabelle: Monster? Frankenstein?

John: Your mother.

Angela: (glares at him for a beat or two and then resumes the game)

Isabelle: Ghosts?

Angela: (Get's excited!)

John: Ghostbusters?

Angela: Yes! (claps her hands) Okay go ahead Isabelle.

Isabelle: (Gets up and begins looking thru it) Okay. This one I’ve heard of. Here we go. (Holds up 3 fingers)

Angela: 3 words!

Isabelle: (starts dancing like John Travolta)

Angela: Um, dances with wolves. Uh, Dirty dancing. Uh…

John: (John turns to Angela) Oh come on, honey. That's so easy. Saturday Night Fever. (Isabelle claps. John gets up.) Ok, give me that. I’ll show you how this is done. (looks through it) Okay. This is an easy one but… (holds up 1 finger)

Angela: 1 word.

John: (starts jumping up like he’s bringing in a rebound)

Angela/Isabelle: Jumping… um, jump? Exercise? Er, Aerobics? Uh… (he points to what’s in his hand) Hand.

Isabelle: Paw? Animal? Planet of the apes!!?

John: Planet of the apes? Where did you get that? It was Oklahoma!

Angela: Oklahoma? How in the world was that Oklahoma?

John: I was rebounding a basketball! A basketball! You know, I was Charles Oakley? Former Bull. Former Knick. (they continue to shake their head) Oakley? Oklahoma???

Angela/ Isabelle: (look at him with disbelief) Ahhhh.

John: Whatever. Come on Angela. Pick one. (hands the TV guide over to her)

Angela: Okay. (finds one) Alright! (holds up 2 fingers)

John: 2 words.

Angela: (starts acting mean and demanding – like a sadistic school teacher)

John/Isabelle: Um, uh, um, mean, angry, uh, judgemental, taskmaster, uh, angry)

Isabelle: Here. Tell me what it is. Let me try. (Angela whispers in her ear). Oh, you’ve got this all wrong. (she starts acting bored, looking at her nails, etc.)

John: Bored? Uh, uninterested? Apathetic? Bored? Uh… Okay, I give up! What is it?

Isabelle: "Oh God!"

John: You mean that movie with George Burns?

Isabelle: Yeah!

John: That was supposed to be God?

Isabelle: Yeah. You know. God made the world then He, you know, got bored with it. He doesn’t’ want anything from us. He just, is… out there.

Angela: No no no. That’s not God. He’s demanding. He’s a taskmaster. He wants us to do this and not do that.

John: You both have it wrong. God is like my Grandpa Joe. He’s love. He’s like a really old guy who just wants us to believe He exists!

All 3: (start arguing their case at the same time. Finally, at the same moment they all say) Well, if you’re so smart, what does God want?



(c) 2001 Dave Marsh

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