Who Got Game?

By Dave Marsh
January 17, 2011

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A drama about living the Christian life

Director's Notes:
I always liked the Screwtape Letters by C.S.Lewis where 2 demons converse throughout the book, giving us a glimpse of how the enemy might work on us. I wrote this drama to try and capture that same type of feel (although the audience doesn't know that the two guys on stage are demons until the end). Make sure that both actors are dressed normally as to allow for this.

So, what's the answer to the title "Who Got Game?" The Christian who walks the walk.

Dave: A Demon
Joe: A Demon
Loudspeaker voice

2 Sports sections of the paper
Sodas, chips, etc

Some place with a T.V.

(LIGHTS UP CENTER STAGE where Joe is on the couch reading the sport section and Dave comes walking up with a bag of stuff.)

Dave: Dude, what did I miss?

Joe: Only like 6 hours of pre-Superbowl hype. So what did you get?

Dave: The essentials, my friend. (starts pulling them out). Dew....Little Debbies....Dew....Dortitos...Dew....Dew.

Joe: Nice one. Do you have any Dew?

Dave: Right here. (hands him one and sits down)

Dave: (points at TV) Man, I don't get it. We don't need hours of pre-game. All they need to do is say "The Patriots are gonna win" and be done with it.

Joe: True... except it's the EAGLES that are gonna romp.

Dave: It must be sad being so delusional.

Joe: You would know. You like the Bears.

Dave: Hey. Don't get on the Bears. They got game.

Joe: Excuse me? The Bears? They don't got game.

Dave: Excuse ME? Brian Urlacher? You telling me he ain't got game?

Joe: One guy with game. The other 49, no game.

Dave: (thinks about it) True. But that Brian Urlacher...

Joe: Yeah. He got game.

Dave: (eats some Doritos) Speaking of, what about Nick Johnson in accounting?

Joe: (laughing) Dude. That guy sooo don't have game!

Dave: I know the guy is hilarious. I was walking by his office yesterday and our little church-going friend was practically screaming at his wife over the phone.

Joe: Yeah. the guy is totally two-faced. He starts spouting these Bible verses and the next minute he's checking out the new secretary.

Dave: Heh. What a loser. I saw him right after church on Sunday, the guy drove down 29 at like 70 miles an hour. Even after hearing a sermon on obedience.

Joe: Dude. That guy makes me laugh. He totally doesn't have game.

Dave: Yeah. He aint got game.

Joe: (gets serious) Unlike Mark Smith in the sales department...

Dave: Dude, don't even mention that guy. He's got game.

Joe: I know. I saw HIM the other day on the phone with his wife. It sounded pretty tense but when he got off the phone, he prayed for her.

Dave: Yeah. The other day he had a chance to nail a big sale but he would have had to tell a small lie. Instead he told the truth and lost it.

Joe: (shakes his head) Yeah and after church last Sunday he pulled into the McDonalds drive thru - dude it was totally backed up - and he was actually patient AND he asked the cashier how her day was going!

Dave: Dude. That guy has game.

Joe: Yeah. It makes me sick.

Voice over loudspeaker: Will Demon # 54 and Demon # 55 please report to duty. Will Demon # 54 and Demon # 55 please report to duty. Thank you.

Dave: Great. Now we're gonna miss the Superbowl.

Joe: (they start walking off) Yeah but maybe Lucifer will assign us to Nick Johnson today!

Dave: Heh. Yeah. That would be great. What a loser. HA HA!



© 2005 Dave Marsh

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