Morning Madness

By Dave Marsh
January 09, 2011

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A drama about Serving in the Church

Director's Notes: We know there are certain facts when it comes to how God uses his people within the church:
1) The Spirit gives unique spiritual gifts to believers.
2) The Spirit leads believers to use these gifts within (and outside of) the church.

The problem is that sometimes we see a need in the church and feel compelled to fill it immediately. While this can be a good thing for short term situations (a family needs money), it can be a bad thing for long term situations, especially if we don't have the gifts to be effective in that ministry. God may have brought the need to the forefront so someone else (who has those gifts) could fill it.

Have we prayed about it? Do we have peace that this is where God wants us? Too many times we are reactive. This wacky drama (are there any other kind I write???) addresses this.

BTW, Jeff's lines are read deadpan - very matter of fact, either looking at her or into his cereal bowl. The idea that he is the mom's group leader seems as normal as breathing or driving a car.

Jeff: A husband
Sandy: A wife
Lucas: Their son

A phone
A magazine
A receipt
2 chairs
A table
A box of cereal
2 bowls
A can of Coke
A coat

Home kitchen

Sandy is at the table reading a magazine and Lucas is reading the cereal box and eating. Jeff comes stumbling in, in his pajamas. Sandy watches in disbelief as Jeff gets a coke and sits down. He then grabs the box of cereal pours it into his bowl, opens the coke, pours it in and begins eating.)

Sandy: (shakes her head at the breakfast he has made) Good morning.

Jeff: (grunt)

Sandy: What time did you roll in last night?

Jeff: This morning.

Sandy: What?

Jeff: What time did I roll in this morning? 3:30.

Sandy: You were at the church until 3:30?

Jeff: Yep.

Sandy: What in the world were you doing?

Jeff: Fixing the sound system.

Sandy: The sound system?

Jeff: Yeah. Iím the new sound guy.

Sandy: What do you know about running sound?

Jeff: Not a thing. Thatís why I was still there. I blew out the speakers.

Sandy: Youíre kidding me.

Jeff: Nope. I blew out the speakers and had to go out and buy some new ones.

Sandy: You had to buy new speakers?

Jeff: Yep. Hereís the receipt (pulls it out of his pajama pocket). Donít worry its tax deductible. I should know. Iím the church treasurer.

Sandy: What? When did you become the church treasurer?

Jeff: When the pastor couldnít find anyone else.

Sandy: You donít even know how to balance the checkbook.

Jeff: Hey, somebodyís gotta do it. (Looks over at Lucas and lifts the cereal box) Arenít you supposed to be in school?

Lucas: Itís Saturday.

Sandy: See? Youíre already doing so much at the church that you donít know what day it is. (The phone rings and Jeff picks it up)

Jeff: Hello? Oh, hey Lisa. Huh. Yeah, Thursday night. 7 oíclock. Right. Okay, see you then. Bye. (Hangs up phone.)

Sandy: Was that Lisa Brennan?

Jeff: Yeah.

Sandy: What did she want?

Jeff: She wanted to know what time Momís group was.

Sandy: And why would she ask you?

Jeff: Because Iím the Momís group leader.

Sandy: Youíre the Momís group leader? You canít be the Momís group leader!

Jeff: Of course I can. Besides, no one else was doing it. (pause) Can you help me make some brownies for the group?

Sandy: See? You canít even make brownies. You canít be, I mean, (sighs in resignation and she goes back to reading)

Jeff: (awkward silence. Jeff looks over at Lucas who shrugs his shoulders. He looks back at Sandy) Hey, whatís that?

Sandy: Itís a family fun book. I thought that maybe weíd go to Luray Caverns after church on Sunday.

Jeff: Canít.

Sandy: Why not?

Jeff: Because Iím teaching youth group.

Sandy: Teaching youth group? What in the world do you know about teaching youth?

Jeff: (turns to Lucas and picks up the box heís reading) Hey boy. Does your Dad tell good stories?

Lucas: Yep.

Jeff: (puts the box down) See. I teach the youth.

Sandy: Wait a minute. You think telling your son bedtime stories constitutes as teaching? This is ridiculous Jeff. I think if youíre gonna serve at the church you should at least have the gifts to do so. And besides, you are already (counts on fingers) ushering, playing drums, and making welcome calls, not to mentionÖ.

Jeff: (looks at watch) Whoa! I gotta run.

Sandy: Where are you going?

Jeff: Wedding ministry. (Getting coat on)

Sandy: Wedding ministry? We donít have a wedding ministry!

Jeff: We do now. Gotta go! (Looks at son as he leaves) Boy.

Lucas: Dad.

Sandy: Wait a minute! Youíre still in your pajamas!!!

Jeff: ďGod careth not about clothes, woman!Ē (He shouts as he runs off)

Sandy: (watches him go, shaking her head incredulously. His phone rings.) Hello? No, he just left. No. Huh? (standing up) HE SIGNED UP FOR WHAT????



(c) 2002 Dave Marsh

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