The Bigger They Are

By Dave Marsh
January 06, 2011

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A drama about overcoming Obstacles

Director's Notes:
Pastor Ray was preaching from the book of Nehemiah and talking about how Nehemiah saw the seemingly impossible task ahead of him (rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem) but knew that with God's help, it could be done. So many times, we look at our own obstacles (whether it be some huge circumstance or a reoccuring sin we are unable to shake) from every perspective but God's. He may very well bring people our way who can help us but until we go to Him first, it's fruitless...

April: A woman with an obstacle she can't overcome.
Jeff: A friend with the answer

A tape measure
Some papers in a folder
A verse on the screen (at the end)



(April is using a tape measure on some large object between her and the audience. She is measuring the width and then the height and then the width again. She looks discouraged…)

Jeff: (Jeff enters, and looks up at the huge invisible object) Wow. That’s big.

April: Tell me about it.

Jeff: I mean, that must be something like…

April: 53 feet 8 inches.

Jeff: And the width must be…

April: 37 feet 3 ½ inches.

Jeff: Wow. You got the thing measured huh?

April: Oh yeah. I mean, how am I going to get by it if I don’t know how big it is?

Jeff: You mean you can’t get by it?

April: Nope. I’ve tried everything. I can’t get around it, through it, over it… I’ve even tried to dig under it. Nothing.

Jeff: Hmmm. Well, I know just the person who can help you with this. He’s…

April: Oh please. Do you know how many “experts” I’ve had look at this? (does the quote unquote thing with her fingers)

Jeff: But…

April: (She pulls out her folder) Let’s see… where do I begin? (pulls a piece of paper out)

April: This is from my doctor. She says all I need to do is take these pills, then in 2 – 4 weeks, it will go away (points at the invisible thing). Yeah right. (gives Jeff the paper - kinda slapping it into his chest)

Jeff: But…

April: This is from my councilor. He says that all I need to do is talk it out, figure out what in the past brought it here, and pay him 80 bucks an hour. Yeah right. (gives Jeff the paper - in the same fashion)

Jeff: But…

April: This is from my best friend. She says that all I need to do is work harder at getting around it – show perseverance and it will eventually go away. Yeah right. (gives Jeff the paper - in the same fashion)

Jeff: But…

April: This is from my mother. She says leave it there. It’s not that bad. She loves me. Everything will be fine. Yeah right. (gives Jeff the paper - in the same fashion)

Jeff: But...

April: And this one is from my husband. His wise council was that he’s tired of hearing about it, to just quit complaining and get over it already. (gives Jeff the paper - in the same fashion)

Jeff: But…

April: Look, I know you’re trying to help. But I’ve looked at this thing from every perspective- Frontways, sideways, forwards, backwards, you name it.

Jeff: Every perspective?

April: That’s right.

Jeff: What about from above?

April: Um…what?

Jeff: Have you looked at it from God’s perspective?

April: But…

Jeff: (starts walking off the stage with her) Let me explain it to you. You've looked at it from every perspective but God's. Are you listening to me? You see, advice from others is only good if God has been involved...(and so forth)...(fades out as they completely walk off)

(This verse then comes up on the screen as they leave…

“... I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

Matthew 17:20

LIGHTS SLOWLY FADE as the scripture fades...


(c) 2002 Dave Marsh

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