Resting In The Lord

By Dave Marsh
February 16, 2011

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A drama about church and nature

Director's Notes:
I was asked to write this drama about how some folks believe it's okay not to attend church if they are out enjoying God's nature. The problem with that, of course, is that church is so much more than just listening to a message!

Dave: Guy out fishing

A fishing pole and various fishing gear
Cell phone
Thunder sfx

Out by a lake

Dave (v.o.): Yep. This is the life. Nothin’ like waking up at 5am, driving for two hours, hiking down to the river bank and casting a line out. Yep, nothing like it. I mean, I’m the luckiest guy in the world. Yeah. Actually, I’m the king of the world. (stands up, puts fists on his hips and shouts like in Titanic)

Dave (yells.): “I’m King of the World!”

Dave (v.o.): Heh. Yeah, nothing like it. This is what’s it’s all about! Nothing but nature out here. Just me and nature and (cell phone rings) and the trees and (continues to ring) and my cell phone. Sigh.

Dave (v.o.): (Looks at the caller id) Oh no. It’s my wife! How did she find me? You can’t get a signal out here. I’m in the middle of nowhere. (hits head) That’s right! She’s got an “in” with God. It must be all the reading and praying and stuff. Curses. (closes eyes and grits teeth and pushes the Call button)

Dave (talking): (Strange voice) Hi, this is John. You’ve reached my voicemail and… what? Oh, ha ha. Well, I was just playing a little joke. No! I wasn’t avoiding you. No,… look, if I was avoiding you then I wouldn’t have answered right? What? Yes, I know what day today is. It’s Sunday. Huh, so? Look honey, go ahead without me. Yes, I’m serious. What? Really? You think I have to be in church to worship God? Well, that’s what you said. (listens) Ok, ok. So that’s not what you said but I think that spending time out here is just as good as going to church. What? Look… Honey,…(holds phone away from ear)… (starts making static noise) Sorry honey, I’m losing you…. Bad signal…. Hello? (hits off button).

Dave (v.o.): (sarcastic looking at phone) Ohhhh, too bad. Lost the signal…. Ok, I’m gonna be sleeping on the couch but, I mean, there was no way she was gonna understand. I mean, how do I become a fisher of men if I don’t fish more? I’ve got to believe that the Bible says that we should spend time in nature rather than in a stuffy old church right? Yes, I do believe it does. First Hezikiah I believe…

Dave (talking): (Stands up) “And behold, the people didst go upon the mountain and the King didst say to them “Goeth out of the temple and waketh up real early and take thy chariot to a desolate place and hiketh down 1, nay 2, hours and then bringith up the fish instead of going to church and, er, … um…”

Dave (v.o.): Okay, maybe it doesn’t say that but I’ve got to believe that anything I can do in church I can do here. Yeah, that’s right. Anything I can do in church I can do out here. Okay, let’s go through the service…

Dave (v.o.): Worship. Yeah, I mean, I can sing out here just as well as I could at church. (clears throat)

Dave (singing):

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found;
was blind, but now I see.

'Twas grace that made my tears for fears,
and Mark Grace he plays first base; (starts squirming and looking around)
and I don’t remember any more of this song,

La la la la la la.

Dave (v.o.): Okay, so maybe I can’t worship as well. But I mean, that’s no big deal right? I can still do the other things. How about tithing? I can tithe just as well here. I mean, I put my $5 in the box when I entered the state park. That’s just like tithing. You’ve got to admit that giving to Smokey Bear is something that God would definitely approve of. Yeah, got that covered.

Dave (v.o.): Alright, what else? How about fellowship? Well, I can talk to, er, um, the animals. Heh. Yeah, (starts singing and doing a little dance from Dr. Doolittle) “If I could walk with the animals, talk with the animals, grunt and screech and squawk with the animals…” (back to v.o.) Heh. Yeah, loved that movie. Yeah. Okay, well, maybe I can’t fellowship but I can still serve God. I mean, I can serve out here just like I can in the church.

Dave (v.o.): (looks around for some time) Okay, well what about a message. Yeah, and I know just the right one. (He lays down, props his head on a rock and puts the hat over his eyes) “Rest in the Lord… Psalm 37” Heh. Got that covered right God?

(Thunder and lights flicker)

Dave (speaks): (sits up fast) Oops…



(c) 2003 Dave Marsh

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