Mr. Smith Goes to Jerusalem

By Dave Marsh
April 11, 2011

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A drama about Easter and understanding the tomb

Director's Notes:
"Easter. So What? What does it mean to me today?"

Perhaps someone you know has asked you these very questions. Many people don't understand what the empty tomb means to them. Of course, it means that Jesus is alive and we now have hope for an eternity with Him. It also means that the same Jesus who had power over death has the same power to transform our lives.

The family in this drama learns the hard way that they haven't taken the time to think about what the empty tomb means to their lives today...

John: The father
Wendy: The mother
Adam: The son
Katie: The daughter

A photo of the Garden Tomb. You can find it HERE!
A big map
A camera
A camcorder
A pair of sunglasses
Other stuff that makes you look like a tourist

Jerusalem: Outside the Garden Tomb

(Lights up center stage where there is an image of the Garden tomb on the screen. Wendy and John come walking up. They are dressed like any other tourist couple, laden with cameras, maps, etc...)

John: (a little winded) Ah, this is great! Whew! Come on Wendy!

Wendy: Okay, okay. Iím coming. Boy, itís so hot around here!

John: What do you expect? This is Jerusalem (puts his fists on his hips like Yul Brenner) So Shall it be written! So shall it be done!

Wendy: Honey, Weíre in Jerusalem, not Egypt.

John: Oh yeah. Heh. Must be the heat! Come on kids! Letís get a move on! (kids start walking up)

Wendy: (looking around and panicking) John, do you have the camera? I canít find the camera?

John: Wendy? Wendy! Itís right here. Iíve also got the camcorder.

Wendy: Have you seen myÖ

John: Yes. Theyíre on top of your head. (points out her sunglasses) You know, you really need to relax and just enjoy our vacation. Speaking of camcorder. (pulls it out and starts taping) And here come our lovely children. Hello children!

Adam: Come on Dad. Enough already.

John: Hey. Come on. Be a good sport. Smile you guys!

Kids: (fake smiles)

Katie: Dad, donít you think that 12 tapes of Jerusalem are enough?

John: No way. Not enough for the best vacation ever!

Adam: Thatís what you said last year about the trip to the Arctic.

John: (looks at Wendy) I did?

Wendy: Afraid so dear.

Katie: And you said it the year before when we walked the entire wall of China.

Adam: And you said it the year before that when we went to Bargain Bobs Alligator Safari.

John: Okay, Okay! I get the hint. Just humor the old man.

Kids: We have!

Adam: Where are the rides, Dad?

John: What? What do you mean?

Adam: You said this vacation was going to be like going to Disney World. Whereís the rides?

Katie: Yeah! Whereís the characters? I have this autograph book and I havenít seen Mickey, Minnie, or even King David for that matter!

John: Wait a minute. When I said it was going to be like Disney World, I meant that we were going to have lots of fun and hang out together and do a lot of walking.

Kids: (complain loudly)

Wendy: All right now. Thatís enough. (takes map from John) Letís look at the map and see where we are and what we havenít done. (John looks over her shoulder)

Adam: Impossible.

Katie: Thereís nothing left. Weíve done EVERYTHING!

Wendy: Afraid not. Looks like weíre standing outsideÖ

Wendy and John: (super excited) ...The GARDEN TOMB!!!!

Adam: Yippee.

Katie: Pinch me.

Wendy: Oh come on. Show some enthusiasm. This is the Garden Tomb!

Adam: Okay. Fine. Garden Tomb. So what? What does it mean to me?

John: What?

Adam: I mean, what does it mean to me today?

John: Uh, well. Letís see. The fact that Jesus was buried here and He rose from the grave means that, er, we as people can, you know, (turns to wife) Help me out here honey.

Wendy: Well, it means that because Jesus is no longer in the tomb, we now are able to, you know, talk to Him and, well, umÖ(trails off)

Adam: (after a moment of silence) Thatís what I thought. Come on Katie, letís go do some fun stuff.

Katie: (Adam and Katie begin to walk off) Cool! Letís go stick pieces of paper in that wall again!

John: (starts to call out for them but stops himself. He looks at Wendy and the image of the Garden Tomb. He feels guilty for not knowing what the Tomb meant.) We should, uh, you know. (Points to where the kids left)

Wendy: (feels just as guilty and is relieved to go. She folds up the map) Yeah. Right. SureÖ

(They walk off the stage, glancing back a bit before going outÖ)



(c) 2001 Dave Marsh

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