Drama - "Stage Right"

The Fishing Hole
By Dave Marsh - Drama - May 09, 2023
A drama about Priorities- Father's Day. Director's Notes: This was an idea I had for quite some time. I had heard the phrase "I wasted the day with my son today" and I decided to turn the negative meaning into a positive one so I changed it to "I wasted the day away with my son today." The content of the conversation between father and son can be anything you want... It's by far my favorite drama. Cast: John: A dad Jimmy: A son Martha: A mom Props: Fishing poles Folding chairs Setting: The family's backyard (LIGHTS UP CENTER S...
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The List
By Dave Marsh - Drama - April 27, 2023
A drama about Prayer.. Director's Notes: When I first became a Christian, I would pray about everything. I mean, every single thing - no matter how small. We forget that the Father wants to hear every little request. He delights in it. Somehow, just like the mom and dad in this sketch, we grow older and forget this. This drama focuses on this and reminds us to have child-like faith... Cast: John: A dad Wendy: A mom Katie: Kid Props: A couch Christmas decorations Boombox Andy Williams tape (Most Wonderful Time of the Year) Pap...
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By Dave Marsh - Drama - March 28, 2023
A drama about anger, sin, and speech. Director's Notes: Ray has been speaking from the book of Ephesians and in Ephesians 4, Paul talks about how we need to stop lying to each other and speak the truth. He then goes on to talk about anger and stealing and finally bad language. I decided that this was too much to tackle in one drama so I settled on bad language. Now, tell me that as you read this, you don't see yourself behind the wheel. C'mon, I dare ya! BTW, I recorded this again pretending that I'm merely thinking these things (except for the parts wh...
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Next 5
By Dave Marsh - Drama - March 16, 2023
. Director's Notes: Our pastor did a message from 1 Corinthians 13 that said we can have all the faith and gifts in the world but if we don't have love for one another, then we are nothing. It was aimed at how we love each other in the church but the drama works well for marriages in general also. The drama touches on how we can show love for each other by the way we treat each other. Cast: Dave: The husband Beth: The wife Props: A remote 2 chairs (or couch) Tiny wadded up pieces of paper A small ball Graphics from the shows mentioned (to show as s...
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The 7th Day
By Dave Marsh - Drama - March 06, 2023
A drama about Priorities. Director's Notes: Let's face it - we're too busy. Steven Curtis Chapman sings a song about the "busyman." The Bible says that a man dies and leaves behind all his busy activities. Sometimes when I write a drama, God uses it first and foremost in my own life. There are a few laughs in this one but that's about it. Nothing really funny about this subject. I ended it as I'm apt to do - the Everyman can't make up his mind as the lights fade... Cast: Dave: A workaholic Dad Jimmy: Dave's Son Props: A phone Some papers A chair ...
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The Remote
By Dave Marsh - Drama - June 22, 2022
A drama about obeying your parents. Director's Notes: I love old Twilight Zone episodes. So, I wrote this drama as if the mom has a magical remote. It's pretty wacky but gets it's point across. BTW, I borrowed the ending from the Simpsons... Cast: Beth: Mom Diane: Beth's daughter Rod Serling: Someone talking into a mike. Props: A remote Boombox (prop only) 3 songs (1 heavy metal, 1 Johnny Mathis or the like, and 1 Beatles) Twilight Zone theme (you can find this on the net) Couch (or 2 chairs put together) Setting: Inside ...
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Christianity 500m
By Dave Marsh - Drama - Jan 12, 2022
. Director's Notes: This drama has an Olympics theme and focuses on how we can't judge others by what we perceive with our own eyes. This includes people we know (a person at church for example) or ones we don't but have "heard" about (like Amy Grant.) We are only accountable to God for our own walk with Him, not others' walks. Living the Christian life and being knocked down and judged by the world is hard enough, let alone when that abuse comes from within the church. This drama also touches on the fact that the walk with the Lord is supposed to be simple. ...
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I Got Me No Job
By Dave Marsh - Drama - Dec 08, 2021
. Director's Notes: This is the closing drama for a stewardship series. The following sketches (I got me a job, I got me some bills and I got me no time) precede this drama. If you've read a lot of my stuff, you know that I don't get very preachy but this ending seemed to wrap things up nicely without getting to schmarmy :) Cast: Dave: An average man Teri: Dave's wife Lucas: Their son Isabelle: Their daughter Props: A chair CD of cool music (I used the Superman theme. You can grab it <a href="http://www.dave-marsh.com/dramas/audio/superman.mp3"targe...
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I Got Me Some Bills
By Dave Marsh - Drama - Dec 06, 2021
. Director's Notes: We've all heard that Jesus talks more about money than any other single subject. Why? Because if there's anything that we keep our hands clenched around it's money. If we can trust God with our kids and our future, why can't we trust Him with our resources? This drama can also be used in a stewardship series as part 2. Cast: Dave: An average man Teri: Dave's wife Props: Some bills A chair A desk A laptop (if available) Mop Laundry Drill and safety glasses Setting: Home office (LIGHTS UP CENTER STAGE) Dave: H...
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Born again and again...
By Dave Marsh - Drama - Nov 30, 2021
A drama about salvation.. Director's Notes: I've known a number of people who have become a Christian a dozen times. Well, they think they have. When someone comes to know Christ, it'sa joyous experience but following Christ is a long distance run (as I previously mentioned.) What happens when we 'lose that feeling' we had when we first became saved? When we are simply walking with Him through the highs and the lows? We need to be confident that God is working in us and He's not going anywhere :) Cast: Katie: A woman seeking assurance. Jo...
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