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Why Worship Shouldn't Feel Like Family
By EXW Staff - General Worship - Nov 29, 2023
This is an article that I understand what they are saying but not sure I agree with. The church is the body of Christ and therefore a family. I would love to hear you thoughts on this. "What does it mean, thou...
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The Joy of Praise
By Glenn Packiam - General Worship - Nov 16, 2023
A good friend of mine recently recounted a story of a man rebuking him for describing the feeling of joy that comes from the experience of God's presence. "Is Christianity just a feel-good religion?" he chided. As I lis...
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What A Concept! It Was A Great Plan—Until It Wasn’t…
By EXW Staff - General Worship - Nov 15, 2023
We all face disappointment from time to time in many areas of our lives. Whether it's home related, relational or work, if you are human, you will face it in your lifetime. This article from Mike Sessler brings some gr...
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30 Great Quotes on Worship
By EXW Staff - General Worship - Nov 08, 2023
Worship quotes - Our list of worship quotes about worship and quotes about worshiping God.
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The Offering of Worship
By Ricky Hall - General Worship - Nov 02, 2023
“There came a woman having an alabaster box of ointment of spikenard very precious; and she broke the box and poured it on his head” Mark 14:3 Did you ever wonder why this woman did not just open the lid and...
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Repackaging Worship
By Stephen M. Newman - General Worship - Oct 26, 2023
I don't know about you but I am getting pretty tired of buying worship CD's that are 40% to 90% full of songs already recorded by another artist. Every CD I pick up these days has a couple of songs that have already bee...
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Virtual Praise
By EXW Staff - General Worship - Oct 18, 2023
I'll admit, I have a vested interest in you falling in love with the Virtual Praise Band ministry tool, at I'm the president of But put that aside for just a minute, because ...
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The Effective Worship Rehearsal
By EXW Staff - General Worship - Oct 16, 2023
Rehearsals can be a great time of growth in skills and abilities, but they can also be times of frustration. Most worship bands have a wide variety of skill levels in their musicians and singers. The wise band leader/w...
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3 Ingredients for True Worship
By Russell Henderson - General Worship - Oct 12, 2023
#1: Humility Recently I observed a church on TV. I switch to this station right in the middle of one of their songs. They were singing “Holy Spirit, Thou Art Welcome”. During the song every person that the...
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Worship Foundations
By Debbi Shotlow - General Worship - Sep 28, 2023
As worshipers, we want to know all we can about worship; not only how to worship but what worship is all about. The problem is that beside a few scriptures indicating some of the physical reactions to a worshiper's moti...
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