Brent Handy

Brent Handy has been providing live, recording and broadcast sound services for over 25 years.

Brent's father exposed him to the world of high-end audio at an early age, which led to years of involvement in church drama and sound departments. Following high school, Brent began working in broadcasting, which led to a job with a newly signed Christian rock band, "Picture This." Star Song label president, Darrell Harris, counciled Brent, which led to working with sound reinforcement companies, and a move to Los Angeles, CA to get exposure and training in the recording business.

Brent has provided audio, video and electronics design, sales, repair and installations services in between tours with many well known award-winning artists. In 2005, Brent retired from the road and began working as an audio engineer, radio and television ministry producer for churches in the Kansas City area. Brent works for a local audio, video and telecommunications contractor, continues to record and release projects as Project Damage Control and moderates for various audio and ministry related forums.

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Brent Handy, HA! Recording LLC

Project Damage Control

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Gold Star Listing Associate Pastor. OH Baptist - Other
Youth Minister IN Baptist - Other
Gold Star Listing Modern Worship Leader GA United Methodist
Solo Pastor MA Baptist - American
Gold Star Listing Youth Ministry Director IL Non-Denominational
Children's Ministry Director - Pine Grove Campus PA
Gold Star Listing Youth and Children's Pastor TN United Methodist

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