John A. White

I accepted Christ on September 13, 1980. At 20 years old, I was completely lost but very aware of that there was a spiritual existence that was eternal. On that day, I heard God's audible voice. (AMAZING! That God would condescend to me in a miraculous way!) At the hearing of His voice, that moment I know the reality of God. I also new this knowledge demanded a full commitment of service and response to Him.

Introduction to Worship
As a new believer, I immediately sensed the importance of worship, not merely at the services, but to live a life of worship. In 1983, I started to study worship and worship leading while I attended The Vineyard in Yorba Linda/Anaheim. I helped two friends plant two churches in Orange County and now my family and I attend a progressive Foursquare Church. I continually study the Bible on worship and worship topics.

Ministry Accomplishments
I have led contemporary worship bands since 1985. We performed a few concerts at other churches and couple of community events each year but worship in those days was not as popular as it is today. I used to lead worship in a congregation of 800. The smallest group I've led in worship has been myself and the largest was about 4500. I recently enrolled in a Bible School and have cut my commitments to leading a mid-week Bible study where I lead worship, leading a preaching fellowship (we are learning to communicate better), and leading worship at a bi-weekly men's function. I also support a Song Writers ministry. Occasionally, I teach people the basics of leading worship in an 8-week course (about 20 hours total).

Other Related Accomplishments and Interests
I tried to produce a 'record album' of original worship music of the last concert that the contemporary worship band performed but had several technical difficulties that made that effort difficult. I settled for a cassette tape. I have served as a sound engineer for some of the churches I attended and taught others how to do sound. I design audiophile speakers and sound systems and have served as a sound consultant for setting up PA systems. I designed and build choir monitors, PA speakers and other sound reinforcement equipment.

I am happily married since December 30, 1983 and have two children. I currently work as an optical engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab designing and building the next generation space clocks that should be accurate to one second in 30 million years' not that I expect to be here then! I feel the Lord is leading me to be an administrative or executive pastor, which is one reason I enrolled in school. I will graduate in October 2002. I play rhythm guitar for worship only. I am learning how to write music all over again. I look forward to the day when we will live in the light of Christ in the new Jerusalem with new bodies that can completely serve Him without compromise or fainting. Maranatha!

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