Video Licensing

By EXW Staff
September 21, 2023

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Frequently Asked Question: What license permits churches to use film clips and pre-printed information during worship and other events? How do you obtain the license?

Churches are permitted to use film clips by securing a MPLC (Motion Picture Licensing Corporation) license. An umbrella license covers all end-user needs for motion pictures and is typically issued for one year. It should run in the neighborhood of $100 for the license. The cost, however, depends on the particular denomination and denomination grouping. The number of churches, denominations or conferences in the grouping determines license cost. A MPLC license covers most Hollywood studios/films (approximately 200 studios).

To obtain a MPLC license or for additional information, contact Harold Bower in Connecticut at 800-515-8855. There is also an 800 number in Los Angeles - 800-462-8855. The web site address is and e-mail can be sent to

The use of pre-produced or pre-published images (such as magazine images from Time or Newsweek) is covered under sections 107 and 110 of the copyright act which refer to fair use and the separation of church and state.

Recorded television broadcast clips are not used at all because, in order to pull this off, we would have to secure the clips by recording them at home and playing them back which is a violation of copyright.

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