Elation LED Tri-PAR Product Review

By EXW Staff
September 23, 2021

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Wow. Perhaps that is the best word that I can use to summarize my recent experience with this fixture.

I was searching for an inexpensive LED lighting solution for a medium size church. I was actually looking at another fixture that had been highly recommended, but that manufacturer had no interest in helping if they weren't guaranteed a sale. So, being the type of guy who would rather support and quality over simply quality, I went looking elsewhere - and am I glad I did.

I found the OPTI-TRI-PAR, and at first glance it's spec's looked pretty good. So we ordered one and had it shipped down to the church. They were impressed. Now, I had seen these fixtures before, so I felt they would be a good match for the church. With them being happy, we ordered 11 more and weeks later I went down to complete the design and write cues.

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