Did Jesus Really Have a Choice?

By EXW Staff
June 26, 2024

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If you have seen the Passion of the Christ, undoubtedly you came away with an opinion. Your perceptions and questions may have been on its accuracy. It may have been on the graphic nature being over done, which it was more than likey underdone. What ever your thoughts, you cannot deny the fact that it was truly moving. For me it brought back the reality of the cross. It brought back the reality of the pain and suffering Jesus endured for our sins. Regardless of any opinions we have about movie making liberties that were used and added, we must admit that it's about time what really took place is communicated to the world.

While watching this film, a thought came to me of a song I had heard many years back. The words were nothing new and concept had been used in hundreds of songs through the years. I remember the words to be something like, "He could have called ten thousand angels to come rescue Him" and "He could have left the cross...". For all these years I have been under the belief that when Jesus came to earth as a baby, somewhere between His birth and the death, He actually had a choice on whether to return to the Father or go through with His Father's plan.

During my experience of viewing the Passion of the Christ, the thought hit me...Did Jesus really have a choice when it came to the cross? Could He have called ten thousand angels to come rescue Him? Could He have left this earth and returned to heaven? It's a nice comforting thought and makes for a great song but is it true? Is the thought that He had a choice correct?

If He could have, would the Bible still be true? If He could have would God's plan for humanity have had to change? Would He have had to do away with any prophecy in the Old Testament that spoke of Jesus coming and dying? Would God have to create an alternate plan for our redemption? Could Jesus have left the cross? Could He have returned to heaven? If He did, would He have sinned by being disobedient to His Father? If He sinned, could He still be God?

You may think this is splitting hairs and foolish to expound on. My desire for this article is to get your feedback on this thought. This article is designed to help you think and help us as the body better understand. Does it matter that we use phrases like He could have called ten thousand angels in songs and teachings? Let us know your thoughts.

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