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By Leon Sievers
Sound Professional
June 29, 2022

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Together MID and SWEEP controls can be used to accomplish a variety of tasks from combating feedback to improving the way things sound through the PA or on recording. Here are some of those tasks & settings: 

· Killing feedback 
set MID at -6dB and slowly rotate SWEEP until feedback stops
· Bonky sounding
snare drum  -6dB @ 200Hz (and roll off LOW EQ -6dB) 
· Boomy bass drum 
-6dB @ 300Hz (with LOW EQ at +6dB & HIGH EQ at +3dB) 
· Fwashy sounding
cymbals  -9dB @ 300Hz (roll off LOW EQ -15dB) 
· Hiss from guitar,
bass or keyboard amp; +3dB @ 5kHz (with HI EQ rolled off -9dB) 
· Rack Toms; -3dB
@400 Hz 
· Floor tom; -6dB
@ 200Hz 

Note: Room acoustics play a big part in how you will use equalization. These are approximate settings only. Use them as a starting point and "tune around" them. 

Generally speaking, you will probably end up with the MID in cut mode for most problem solving uses of the SWEEP control. In any case you will learn to use this feature sparingly. The best PA EQ setting is the one with the LEAST adjustment, but when you need to solve a problem it's good to know how to use the tools.

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