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Lay It Aside
The day of new beginnings is here! I have to tell you, our last few services at church have been absolutely phenomenal. The power of God flowed through the house with such fervor, it was almost unbelievable. We experi....more
Darlene Thorne 2024-06-17 Women in Worship
It's a New Season
There is something wonderfully magical about watching your daughter enter a new stage in her life. My daughter and I went to a nail salon for me to get a pedicure and a manicure. I was singing in a wedding and I wanted....more
Darlene Thorne 2024-06-11 General Worship
Change the Focus
In recent worship services at our church we have been experiencing an awesome move of God. The congregation has been so open to worshipping. Our worship team prays for this to happen in our rehearsal times and each tim....more
Darlene Thorne 2024-05-07 Women in Worship
Step By Step
I am learning more and more daily how to truly depend on God and not anything that I think I can do. It has been a year since my family and I have relocated to North Carolina from the Chicago land area. We have moved t....more
Darlene Thorne 2024-03-13 Women in Worship
Following Christ
Many times when we women hear from God, we don't always believe what He said is true. He calls us to ministry in worship and we hide. And why do we hide? Because for so many years, like the pulpit ministry, it has ....more
Darlene Thorne 2024-03-04 Women in Worship
Don’t Let Go of the Promise
So many times in our lives we are tempted to give up. It would appear the very thing we are trying to achieve is at war with us. It was a promise given to us by God but it doesn’t appear to happening like we thought it....more
Darlene Thorne 2024-02-21 Women in Worship
Who’s Looking at You?
Whose life do you impact? How do you influence a person for the better? What are you doing to affect change in the lives of those around you? When you ask yourself these questions as we begin a New Year, think about w....more
Darlene Thorne 2023-12-25 Women in Worship
In His Timing
This particular article may be touching a sensitive area in your life, however, when I was confronted with it, I realized that possibly other women might have a similar experience. I am a married woman in leadership and....more
Darlene Thorne 2023-11-23 Women in Worship
A Heart After the Father
A Heart After The Father is a daily devotional for those who long for a deeper relationship with God. Included in this devotional is a page for you to write your own prayers, journal or inspirations that come from these ....more
Darlene Thorne 2023-09-05 Book Reviews
You Are Loved
Sometimes we need to be reminded that God really loves us. The Bible tells us that we are “loved with an everlasting love…” (Jeremiah 31:3) There are times we face moments when we are alone and feeling like an outsi....more
Darlene Thorne 2023-08-28 Women in Worship
Our Prayers
I turned on the television the other day and was brought to tears with what was going on. I, for the first time am a little embarrassed to say, saw a prayer breakfast that was sponsored by the Congress. I heard them....more
Darlene Thorne 2023-08-03 General Worship
It's About That Time!
Quiet time could refer to those precious moments after the kids are in bed, but for Christians, a quiet time is more than that. Quiet time, or devotion time refers to our daily appointment with God, when we shut out as ....more
Darlene Thorne 2023-06-19 Women in Worship
It's Not About Us
It was an unusual Sunday morning. My husband was traveling out of town that morning and we (our two young ones 5 and 7 years old) had to get him to the airport by 6:30 am. It seemed like it was going downhill fr....more
Darlene Thorne 2023-05-29 Women in Worship
Do You Want to Be Free?
Our Pastor has been encouraging us to stretch out beyond our comfort zone and to really have faith in God’s ability to work in and through us. We as worship leaders have to really take to heart what God is telling us to....more
Darlene Thorne 2023-05-17 General Worship
Renew Your Passion
I recently went to see the movie, The Passion of the Christ.” This movie was indeed violent, full of blood and gore. It was hard to look at, but, yet I found myself drawn into the realness of the film. This was a reen....more
Darlene Thorne 2023-04-17 Women in Worship
Let’s Just Praise the Lord
As I read through the book of Psalms I am finding more and more that the writers’ were doing more praising of our Father than anything else. Some of us come before the Lord in prayer and I know for myself, from time to....more
Darlene Thorne 2023-01-04 Women in Worship
Getting Rid of the Clutter
After moving into our home last year, I had not realized ALL of the things we have accumulated over our nineteen years of marriage and two children later. There was just so much stuff! I was giving away things, throwin....more
Darlene Thorne 2022-11-30 Women in Worship
Are We Willing?
None of us are exempt from living a life of worship. Too many people think that worship is just for the time we spend in church. They call it a worship service. But in reality, we only begin to worship on that Sund....more
Darlene Thorne 2022-09-21 Women in Worship
Is God “Raining” In Our Hearts?
Today it’s raining and it brings to mind our Father’s creation. He made the heavens and earth and everything. Then He made man and said that it was “very good.” As I looked at the rain, I noticed it fell everywhere; i....more
Darlene Thorne 2022-06-09 Women in Worship
Matters of the Heart
Too long a time has gone by with us being “fake lovers of Jesus.” We say we love Him, we talk about Him, to others but in the solitude of our hearts we don’t truly believe. We distrust God and His promises, we long for....more
Darlene Thorne 2022-05-16 Women in Worship
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