In His Timing

By Darlene Thorne
Worship Leader, EXW Contributor
November 23, 2023

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This particular article may be touching a sensitive area in your life, however, when I was confronted with it, I realized that possibly other women might have a similar experience. I am a married woman in leadership and there have been times that God has spoken to me regarding an area that I need to take on or do differently. One thing I am very careful about is having harmony and agreement in my home. My usual routine is to talk with my husband about what God laid on my heart. For the most part, he agrees with me and sometimes adds to what God has given.

Well, on this occasion I shared with him what I believed was Godís leading and he did not respond positively. As a matter of fact the conversation became a little intense. Because I strongly believed it was the Lord and also because he had never really disagreed with me like this before, it took me off guard.

That response took me back to the Lord asking him if He really spoke to me. Thatís when God said, ďWait!Ē I was being a Joseph, running off at the mouth with a lot of zeal but no knowledge. God showed me through this time what I needed to do was to learn to wait on His timing, not mine. I repented and then prayed that there would be a seal placed on my lips regarding this situation and in His timing all would be revealed. That was two years ago.

Three weeks ago, my husband and I were talking early in the morning and he asked me what I had been praying about recently. I told him and he went on to tell me it was time for me to pursue another area within ministry. This was the very thing I had prayed and heard two years before.

I see so clearly now why God had me to wait. In those two years, God was grooming me and preparing me for this time. I started mulling over prophecies that had been given to me in the past six months. I understood exactly what God was doing. I was learning total dependence on him. I was also experiencing a new level of relationship with my mate.

Something else happened that Sunday at church. I began to flow in a new anointing. The one God already prepared for me, in His time. Because of the release had come from within the home, I flowed in the spirit in a new way. I could sense it and the manifestation was powerful.

How important it is to be in harmony with your spouse. I know God speaks to us individually as well as a couple, however it is so much more powerful to flow together when you pray and allow God to speak for you.

Now please donít think I am saying that we women are more spiritual than men, what I am saying is that God made us as nurturers and we tend to be more sensitive to the needs of our loved ones. So when God speaks, wait in His presence long enough to get the whole message, because timing is everything.

Darlene Thorne
Worship Leader, EXW Contributor
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