Who’s Looking at You?

By Darlene Thorne
Worship Leader, EXW Contributor
December 25, 2023

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Whose life do you impact? How do you influence a person for the better? What are you doing to affect change in the lives of those around you? When you ask yourself these questions as we begin a New Year, think about what you are doing as a minister of the gospel. Remember, people don’t always see you on stage leading worship, they see what happens once someone talks bad of you or does something that would be offensive. Little do we know that there are folk watching how you respond in the midst of adversity. Do you take it in stride and continue to love the person that did the act against you or do you react?

I remember an incident that happened over this past summer. In my mind, what was spoken about me was very humiliating and hurtful. I believed what was said was an attack on my character. I shared the situation with my mother and she told me something that I did NOT expect to hear. She said that this may have happened to me for the purpose of my humbling so that whenever I would speak I would always remain cognizant of others and be careful not to repeat what I had experienced. WOW! What a nugget of truth! As I recall in the Bible Jesus was publicly humiliated and falsely accused. I felt like I was in good company. If they did this to Jesus, why not me? He never spoke against anyone, but rather spoke the truth in love.

Looking back on that time, I feel ALMOST glad that it happened. I will never forget the feeling and the impact it made on my life. I learned not to belittle who God called me to be. For a long time I had held people in high esteem and viewed them as though they held a higher place then I. That day changed my thoughts. I saw the fallibility of man and I accepted what I really already knew only God is perfect.

Just as I learned how one person affected my life, I now take constant inventory on how I affect the lives of those I minister to. What do people say about you? How they view you may be how they view God especially those who may not have made a commitment to Christ. You may be the only “God” they see. Be so careful in what you say, even in jesting; be ever mindful of others. In my case, I became closer to God and more intimate with Him. But not everyone will do this. How we live may truly cause someone to turn from God. They may say, ‘If this is what God is like, I don’t want any part of Him!’ We want to lead them to the Father.

Darlene Thorne
Worship Leader, EXW Contributor
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