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By Darlene Thorne
Worship Leader, EXW Contributor
August 03, 2023

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Are Not in Vain

I turned on the television the other day and was brought to tears with what was going on. I, for the first time am a little embarrassed to say, saw a prayer breakfast that was sponsored by the Congress. I heard them speak of the founding of the breakfasts by a Senator who wanted to pray for then President Eisenhower who was in the midst of war. They charged themselves to meet on a continual basis and they have been doing it ever since. I witnessed both Democrats and Republicans raising their hands to God. I cried as I heard the prayers of Representative Chao asking God for wisdom and mercy. I wept as I heard a member of the armed services quote Psalm 91 and thanking God for his protection during the Gulf War. He said that the passage came to mind as he watched his best friend and comrade die while fighting for this country.

I know this is not the usual writing for a worship leaderís column, but I had to address what could possibly be on some of our minds from time to time. Are there real men and women of God in political offices?

I listened intently to Whitley Phipps as he sang an old spiritual asking if there are any people out there that love Jesus. The response was; Iím one. It was so powerful that it made me sit down and for 45 minutes I was engulfed with the presence of almighty God who was making me to know that there are those who love Him in office. We are not praying in vain.

When I would sometimes mechanically pray that God would surround the President with godly counsel I did not realize the enormity of my prayer. I didnít know WHO I was praying for but on that day, God showed me that there are those He has strategically placed around our President. Our prayers are not in vain.

I listened to hear the guest speaker Tony Hall talk about living a life before others that they would see Christ. He told the story of one time he visited a Muslin nation and the Ambassador escorting him told him not to mention the upcoming prayer breakfast, or not to talk about Jesus Christ for fear of offending the leader. However, in Mr. Hallís obedience to God, he mentioned it and was amazed at the answer he received. The leader not only wanted to attend, but he asked the escorting Ambassador why he had not mentioned the event to him. Being led of the spirit was the message Mr. Hall left with us. Donít be afraid to stand for Christ and live authentically for Jesus. I was mesmerized by the entire event. Then to hear President Bush get up and agree with what was going on and to encourage us to continue to pray for him. He was so grateful that these breakfasts still take place. They scanned the audience. I was again brought to tears because of the masses of people who were in attendance. It looked to me that there were at least 2000 people.

Now I realize that not all of those in attendance may be followers of Christ, however, with the message that was presented, there was an opportunity to hear the gospel and repent. I cannot tell you the joy that filled my heart and the faith that was built in me. I saw with my own eyes men and women in political office who genuinely love God.
My exhortation to you is to continue to pray for our President and his cabinet officials that they would truly be led by God and make wise decisions for our country.

Darlene Thorne
Worship Leader, EXW Contributor
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