Teaching Worship - ch. 9

By Stephen M. Newman
Founder, ExperiencingWorship.com & Author of Experiencing Worship
April 02, 2002

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Is Your Team On The Same Page As You?

There are few things more frustrating than having people in a group who are not on the same page as the rest of the group. They feel that they know where the group should be going, and seem to be working against the goal of the leadership and group as a whole. In some cases it is clearly a conflict of vision and a lack of understanding of the role of the worship leader. There are those amongst us who feel they should be the leader and thus a struggle for control or power commences. In other cases it is clearly a lack of communication. As the worship leader, have I clearly communicated the vision and direction of the ministry to my team? Do they understand where we are going in the area of worship and music? Do they have clear direction of the goals for the ministry of worship? Do they know where the church is headed as a whole and how the worship is a part of the vision? Do they know what's expected of them and what they can expect from you?

The first step in leading is to communicate to the people where you wish to lead them. It is difficult for me to follow when I don't know where I am going. Some may be able to follow out of trust or respect for the leader; but, I need to see the vision and agree with it before I get too excited about it. My pastor is very good about casting vision and keeping it before the people. We can get on board easier and be more excited about the process when we clearly see the goals ahead and have a clear plan to get there. Once the vision is cast and the goals put in place, then your team members can decide if they wish to be a part, or if they would rather find another area that best suits their ministry calling and gifting.

I feel that most of the people involved in the worship and arts ministry at my church understand me, as well as the vision I have for the ministry. I believe that they are involved because they like where we are going and have caught and bought into the vision. I am a terrible communicator, but have tried to make it a point to share with the worship team members where we are going and what we plan to do to get there on a regular basis. We put out a newsletter each quarter that restates the high priority focuses for the year and recasts the vision for the ministry. Keeping the vision in front helps keep them focused and hopefully energized about what they are involved in.

If we will work on communicating what we are trying to accomplish, share with the team your heart for ministry and worship, constantly share the vision, and get to know them as friends, there will be little time left for misunderstandings and conflicts about the direction we are heading in ministry and worship. Keep in mind that there will always be people who don't agree with your leadership style or vision. That is when it is the appropriate time to have a heart to heart about whether they need to continue in this particular ministry. Part of being a good leader requires dealing with conflict head on. The ministry will better off for it in the long run and your life will be much happier.

Keep striving to be all that God has called you to be. Don't be afraid to make tough decisions, because there is nothing worse than being in a frustrating situation where you cannot be a leader because of differing opinions and goals. Get the support of the pastor and staff and lead the way God has called you to lead.
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9. Is Your Team On The Same Page As You?
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Stephen M. Newman
Founder, ExperiencingWorship.com & Author of Experiencing Worship
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