Male/Female Worship Relationships

Are you having any challenges or concerns with any of the male members on your worship team? Perhaps you have run into a snag in the relationship between you and your Pastor. As a woman in submission to authority, we must learn to work together with our male counterparts. On the other hand, as a woman in leadership we have been handed the authority over men in our care. Perhaps you are a support vocalist or musician on the team. Whatever your situation, what type of relationship should we have with these guys?

If we get too close, we open up a door for “stupid stuff” by leaving just enough room for the devil to put his foot in the door. If we are too friendly, it can be misunderstood as flirting. If we don’t get close enough, we miss the whole point of the working relationship in ministry. Some of us are married to the male authority directly over us. It may be easy to approach this situation. (Maybe) Some of us are single and are waiting for the right guy, and the male authority over us is single too! This can present another problem.

Many of us have issues with male authority, and we find it hard to communicate our feelings. This problem may result in us not being able to speak what God wants said. The result stems from our operating out of fear. I am sure there are many testimonies and situations out there that can be brought to the surface. For the month of May, let’s open up this area and discuss it. We’ll share what works and what does not. We will gather the information and compile a resource that other women in our shoes can use. (There’s a rhyme for you!)

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