How to EQ Vocals

By EXW Staff
October 23, 2023

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- in Six Easy Steps by Chris Huff

Vocal EQ work can make or break your mix. A solid vocal mix will capture the listenerís ear. Donít think vocal mixing is hard. EQ vocals using these six easy steps. Oh, you might have one particular singer that has a difficult tone to perfect but as long as you follow these six steps, EQíing even the hardest vocal will become much easier.

EQ Vocals with these Six Steps

1. Select the Right Microphone

Properly EQíing vocals begins before you ever touch the EQ knob. It begins before you turn on your first microphone. It starts on the stage. Microphones differ in many ways, from type (ribbon / dynamic / condenser) to sensitivity to polar pattern to where Iím focusing this first part; microphone frequency response.

Each microphone make and model treats frequencies differently. For example, some microphones will boost certain frequency ranges while other might cut them or not affect them at all. Letís look at the frequency response charts for a few popular vocal microphones from Blue, Shure, and Sennheiser.

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