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September 27, 2023

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Personal Monitor System

There is a new Personal Monitor System on the market that we just had to let you know about. The Pivitec Personal Monitor System is one cool choice for the church that is looking for a in ear system. Pivitec allows you to use your personal iOS devices to control the monitor. This thing can do anything you would ever need. It also works with Planning Center Online which is a huge plus!

The following is from their website.


Most other Personal Monitor Mixing Systems force you to work their way. The flexible configuration of Pivitec’s e32 Personal Mixer means that it can either be used on stage with the musicians or rack mounted for use with wireless IEM’s or amplifiers. Wireless control from Pivitec’s V2Mix Applications for iPad or iPhone allows remote operation from anywhere in the venue, on or off stage. Design the system that is right for you and change it up as needed without buying new gear.


Little changes can make a big difference when building a Personal Monitor Mix for in ear monitors or headphones. Pivitec’s V2Mix applications for iOS devices allow you dial in the perfect mix every time. In addition to the intuitive “console” style interface the V2Mix Pro app offers precise +/- 1dB adjustment of critical parameters. Presets allow you to take “snapshots” of all mixer settings for instant recall at any time.


Abandon those proprietary network and hardware configurations! All of Pivitec’s hardware is based on the emerging Ethernet AVB networking protocols to take advantage of future compatibility with hardware and software from other manufacturers. Expand your network channel count by adding audio input devices and e32 Personal Mixers as needed to meet your current, and future, requirements.

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