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By EXW Staff
January 11, 2012

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Do your choir and vocalists have a difficult time remembering all the words to songs you sing each week? Do they sometimes resort to the naming of fruit to get by? Or do they turn to their neighbor and watch their lips for help? If you are like me, you want the singers heads up and looking ahead. If they use music, their heads will be lost in the pages. What to do?

For a quick fix, we use a video projector that points to the back wall. It is tied into our other video projector and shows the same images as the one the congregation views. This has proven to be a helpful tool for our worship team. Their heads are up and they are able to sing out. It also serves as a great tool for special music. You can project the text on the back wall or screen for the soloist. It is a nice alternative to music on a stand or the pulpit.

If your budget is tight, you can use an older projector for this application. The quality and lumens do not have to be the greatest. It is not used for quality but for reinforcement for those who may need if. If you auditorium it long and deep, you may want to hang a screen mid way back so the people on the platform can see what's being projected. It also helps you choir see any text that may be projected during the message or for special promotions.

The only down side we see to using this technology is people tend to get lazy about memorizing. The way I see it, our people are all volunteers. Any help I can give to make their time here more productive and less stressful is a plus. It's difficult to expect our choirs to memorize all the music we do from week to week. We all have busy lives. This tool has proven to be a good help to our leading worship.

For more information on how to set up this type of a system, please contact Tim Eason at

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