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Quick Tech Tip
Wireless microphone manufacturers specify alkaline batteries. A fresh alkaline battery will run a wireless transmitter (depending on the system manufacturer) from eight to sixteen hours. Most wireless microphones will st....more
Leon Sievers 2023-03-21 Sound Advice
Quick Tech Tips
Sound problems can be caused by anything from architectural defects to misguided equipment operators. Here are some of the most troublesome sound problems that churches struggle with and what can be done about them: ....more
Leon Sievers 2023-03-09 Sound Advice
Achieving a Good Mix for Worship
It’s relatively easy to teach someone how to use equipment, it’s more difficult to teach him or her how to critically listen to what they are doing and musically create a good mix. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS Yearn to ....more
EXW Staff 2023-02-22 Sound Advice
Riding the Lightning
We have entered the "storm season" here in the bible-belt. With storms come the most unpredictable, and second most deadly force, lightning. Lightning is not the only concern. Equipment in your facility can malfunction....more
Brent Handy 2023-01-10 Sound Advice
Changing to Win
As my church heads into a season of change (an auditorium remodel, a name change, and a new website) I am brought back to the Bible’s views on changing the method but not the message. Change can be hard, but the rewards ....more
Van Metschke 2022-12-20 Sound Advice
A “Deep and Wide” Tech Ministry
I came across a blog post recently by Charles Stone in which he summed up five questions that should be asked a your next staff meeting based on Andy Stanley’s book “Deep and Wide” . This prompted me to think about wh....more
Van Metschke 2022-12-15 Sound Advice
Life Together
We’ve all heard “Doing Life Together” or “We are better together” which are really just different ways of saying “Not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all t....more
Van Metschke 2022-12-06 Sound Advice
Total Drum Cage
It's rare that our team at EXW gets really excited about a product for worship. There are a ton of products out with several different companies manufacturing them. Some are better than others. Rarely do you see a com....more
EXW Staff 2022-11-16 Sound Advice
Sennheiser Mic Review
Mics Reviewed: Sennheiser e 903 dynamic handheld vocal/instrument microphone Sennheiser e 604 dynamic drum/percussion microphones with Easy Clamps Sennheiser e 602 dynamic kick drum/bass microphone Sen....more
Brent Handy 2022-11-09 Sound Advice
The Fourth Element Part Three
This is an area that plagues most churches because little attention is given to it while the building is being built. Not all, but many of the architects that I have worked with over the years do not really understand a....more
Van Metschke 2022-10-18 Sound Advice
Microphones In Worship - Part 1
Nothing can disrupt a worship service like the annoying squeal of feedback from the sound system. Feedback is a ringing sound or squeal which occurs when the signal generated by the microphone is reproduced by a nearby l....more
Leon Sievers 2022-10-05 Sound Advice
The Fourth Element Part Two
This is the most sensitive and important part of the sound system. People are the deciding factor in the sound equation. Most people that volunteer for the sound ministry at church have a great heart of service. They are....more
Van Metschke 2022-09-20 Sound Advice
Working In Your Strengths
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about working in my strengths. Like many of you, I have many strengths that pertain to the tech world. For me, the two at the top are 1) being a good troubleshooter, and 2) being ....more
Van Metschke 2022-09-06 Sound Advice
Media Coach
By Tim Eason - In high school I was a member of a championship football team. For those of you who know me, this may come as a surprise since I don’t have a large build. Well… it was a flag footbal....more
EXW Staff 2022-08-24 Sound Advice
They Say It's the Same
Have you ever been sitting in a service in which you are not serving and wondered, “Wow, this sounds much different than last Sunday”? Maybe you have noticed that some weeks the complaints about the sound are “It’s too l....more
Van Metschke 2022-08-11 Sound Advice
Digital Consoles: The Perfect Volunteer
In today’s church, the most sought after “staff member” has got to be a trained volunteer. Can you remember the number of times you’ve had to run back and forth from the booth to the stage to adjust house and monitor lev....more
EXW Staff 2022-08-10 Sound Advice
Vocal Mixing For Live Events
In general, bass and drums are the cornerstone of a musical theme in a band. Then guitars, keyboards and other instruments complement the harmonic setting of the musical arrangement. Finally, on top of all this, vocals a....more
EXW Staff 2022-08-08 Sound Advice
Why and What
I talk to a lot of church techs who don’t really understand what the condition of our heart ‘should be’ about why tech is needed in church. In the world we live in, the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat environme....more
Van Metschke 2022-08-02 Sound Advice
Pressure Moments vs. The Big Picture
If you’ve been in tech for any amount of time, you know that when it’s “show-time” things get serious. We make the service or event happen and that means that we need to stay on task and focused. At my previous church....more
Van Metschke 2022-07-18 Sound Advice
Building Leaders
One of my passions is raising up young leaders, helping them to find not only their vocational gifts but also their God-given ministry gifts. I have had the honor to help raise up many young leaders in and out of the tec....more
Van Metschke 2022-07-12 Sound Advice
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