Achieving a Good Mix for Worship

By EXW Staff
February 22, 2023

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Itís relatively easy to teach someone how to use equipment, itís more difficult to teach him or her how to critically listen to what they are doing and musically create a good mix.

Yearn to Build RelationshipsThe key to a good sound mix is a good relationship with the worship leader and the band. Itís that simple.

Successfully mixing sound on a fundamental level is all about trust. The only way you build trust is through relationships and repeated successful experiences. Itís easy for technically focused people to miss this (or in some cases, avoid this), but itís a critical part of being successful.

Let me elaborate with one specific example Ė guitar amplifiers on stage. Almost every contemporary church struggles with stage volume. Itís a known and proven fact Ė if the stage volume is too loud, the main front of house mix will suffer. So, churches are always trying to solve this problem. The problem is solved with relationships. In this example of guitars, once the sound engineer takes the time to get to know the guitar player(s) and spend time learning why the amplifier is so important, the two begin to develop a trust. You see, a guitarist usually wants the amplifier onstage because itís a comfort. The artist KNOWS they can control the sound Ė tonality and volume Ė if the amplifier is right behind them. This is a trust issue between them and the sound engineer.

As the sound engineer and guitarist start to form a relationship, trust beings to form. The sound engineer starts to know the artist, but through this process, the sound engineer should also be trying to learn more about the artist in relation to playing the instrument. For instance, try asking, ďWhat do you want the instrument to sound like?Ē You see, itís not real important what YOU want it to sound like. Itís important that you make it sound like THEY want it to sound like. You canít do this if you donít ask (and really care). Remember, being a worship technician is truly about service. Youíre providing a service ministry for the pastor, worship pastor and band.

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