Worship and the Word

By EXW Staff
August 22, 2022

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by Pamela Haddix

A well written book that is grounded in the word that would be good for any worshiper or worship team. Although there is not a lot of new information here, we appreciate how she backs up her thoughts with scripture. It is worth taking a look at to see if it might be a good tool for your worship ministry.

The Bible reveals a God who is constantly inviting us into His presence to worship Him. But what does that mean?

~ Is worship meant to be just for church?

~ Does the Bible say who can worship God?

~ What should I expect as I enter worship?

~ More importantly, what does God expect from me?

~ How can I make my worship more vibrant and intimate?

~ Does God respond to our worship?

~ Why does it even matter?

Worship and the Word takes you on a ten-week journey exploring what the Bible teaches about Godís call to us to be His worshipers. Whether you do the study alone or with a group, youíll find that the insights from scripture and thought-provoking questions will both challenge and encourage you to passionately pursue and intimately engage the God of the Bible in worship. Accept His invitation. Join Him on the greatest journey of your life Ė worship!

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