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By EXW Staff
September 13, 2023

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What Every Worship Guitarist Should Know

As a guitar player, I am always looking for new resources to help me get better at my craft. I have gone through book after book that held some good tips for improving my playing. Some better than others. I have been playing the guitar for 40 years now and still consider myself a rhythm hack. I must confess that I do not spend the time like I should but that is another article.

A friend of mine recently released a book titled Guitar Tips - What Every Worship Guitarist Should Know. I love this guitar manual for a ton of reasons. It's practical, easy to follow and gives some great tips for advancing my playing and understanding of music and the instrument I so love. I have a degree in music but often fail to implement the basics of theory in my arranging of worship music. This book is not so much a "how to play the guitar better" as it is a "how to us your guitar in a band setting". Ric Flauding is an amazing guitarist, performer, arranger, musician, composer, teacher and now author. His heart for worship and music in the church is contagious and inspiring.

Ric is a sought after guitarist and composer who has created music for national commercials and network television, with projects being featured on the Oprah show. He has been showcased on recordings including David Benoit, John Patitucci, Eric Marienthal, Jeff Kashiwa and Russell Ferrante.

Ric has opened for Bob James, Richard Elliot, Rick Braun and Michel Camilo. Ric is so versatile that he even worked with Dave Mustaine of Metallica/Megadeth.

I encourage you to check this book out. You will not be disappointed. Hopefully your playing and understanding of how the guitar works in a band setting will rise to new heights.

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