Leading Up

By Van Metschke
Contributing Writer
August 30, 2022

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Working with your leaders to accomplish the vision they have set forth. To help them understand the strengths and challenges from the boots on the ground point of view.


It is not MANAGING UP. It is also not being a yes man/woman. Taking the opportunely to gain points or being a whistle blower on your co-workers.

6 things to help you lead up:

1. Get to know your supervisor, go to lunch. Find out what their work “love language” is. I recommend doing the “strengths Finders” test from TOM RATH’S book. Available on Amazon.

2. Meet with them on a regular basis and ask them to mentor you as a leader. This will help you grow and you will find out what they value. People teach what they value.

3. MAKE IT HAPPEN. This may seem like a no brainer, but do the work they want you to do, get it done on time and with quality. A high output performer is someone the boss listens to.

4. When you bring evaluations of a situation, always bring some suggested solutions. Be honest in your evaluations of issues, but don’t be mean.

My father always said “You get more flies with honey than with a flyswatter”.

5. Praise positive actions that you see your overseer doing. Leadership is tough and lonely. Let them know how much you appreciated an action, encouragement, or move they made to help your team and the organization. This let’s them know their team is behind the direction they are leading.

6. Pray for them. Always remember that they have a vast number of obstacles every day that you have no idea about.

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